munich haul #sorrywallet

Even though the main purpose of the 1-day-trip to the beautiful city of Munich was watching a Champions League match, I couldn't leave without having a quick look at a few shops that were nearby (the girls under you will understand what I mean), and this is what I have purchased.

shoes - Adidas Stan Smith 
T-shirt - Adidas 
jeans - &other stories

lipstick in PERSISTENCE - MAC 

retro matte liquid lipcolour in BACK IN VOGUE - MAC

lipshaker in MANGOES WILD - Lancôme

butter gloss in CREME BRULEE - NYX


'I guess we're all thieves'

Last week, two poets visited us in school for the purpose to bring us nearer to poetry, as we're a literary class.

In the beginning, I couldn't imagine how this should work out, as I'm everything but a 'poet'. I read a few of their poems and thought that they were really nice, but I'd rather stick with only reading and analyzing them than write myself (or more : try to write myself).
Now, I'm kind of impressed by how easy it was : easy in communicating with them, easy in understanding them and their train of thoughts, easy in applying their writing methods, easy to be a poet for two lessons.

The woman poet told at the beginning that in her opinion, we're all thieves, each of us, as we steal from the present sensations, feelings, moments, memories and we steal from the past inspiration. We steal and register everything that we see, and that makes us who we are at the end of the day because it influences how we think about different things, how we see them and what we learn from them.

She also said that she's persuated that there's a poet in each of us, but that our fear of being rejected or not appreciated as a writer by others would hold us back from writing and fully expressing and showing what we're capable of. And in fact, it's true! I have a really simple example : this blog and me, who's typing this text over and over again, each time correcting and redressing it, and publishing it at the end, even though it's not as good as it should be in my opinion.

And that's the problem about people in general (not only while writing) : we're thinking too much! We think about how our lifes used to be, who we were with, what we did, and about how we want (or don't want) our life to be in a few years. I guess it isn't possible to simply lay back and enjoy the moment itself, but turn around sometimes and observe everything that is around you. And be grateful for what you have instead of always complaining over what you don't. Start living life to its fullest and enjoying every moment of it! And stop thinking about everything twice before you do it. Yepp, maybe you'll see afterwards that what you did was a really dumb, unnecessary thing that you wish you hadn't done, but at least you can learn from it and will remember it for a long long time (hopefully).

So yeah, in my opinion, the poetess was right, and her words are as applicable to writing as to life itself. Create memories, and love living! Feel every second of it and enjoy every single day, because as somebody once told : life's too short to be anything but happy. Wise words, guy!


Youtube Made Me Buy It (TAG)

I guess (almost) everyone has heart of the 'Youtube Made Me Buy It'-TAG. For those who don't know what I'm talking about : there's a quite well-known TAG that went around some time ago on YouTube where people showed what products they have bought after having seen Youtubers talking about them in their videos. I have seen quite a few of these videos and found them to be really funny, so I thought, why not do a post and show everything make-up'ish I have accumulated over the past few years...

So let's begin with the really basic stuff : the Naked (1) Palette by Urban Decay. In the meantime, there are a few more of these that came out, and I have an eye on the third now for a really long time already, but haven't bought it (yet).
To get back to the first one : I don't think that I need to give further explanation as probably everybody knows this little guy. 
I really like it and notice each morning that I automatically grab it, even if it's only for the inner corner highlight. Honestly, I couldn't imagine myself doing my make-up without it, so let's hope that it's never going empty (even if I have 'hit the pan' for some of the colours).

Let's continue with some cream and concealer! 

Actually, I have once seen a Youtuber (whose name I can't remember anymore) talking about the 'Kaufmann's Haut-und Kinder-Creme', which she used as a lip balm, and the next time I saw it in the drugstore, it had to come with me (of course). No regrets! At all. I quite like it. The only negative thing I could say about it is that you look really funny after using it as your lips become a mix of white-pink-something in between. But really, who cares? If it helps, I can deal with it.

I don't think that I need to give many explanations for the Maybelline 'Fit Me Concealer', do I? There's a whole Fit Me-serie out there that is supposed to be really light-weight, but giving some little coverage for a natural look, and this is their liquid concealer.
It's okay to cover up some undereye circles and blemishes, but I bought a shade which is a little bit too dark for my skin colour right now so I can't use it as a hightlighter/concealer type of thing, which really sucks...

I have four of the NYX 'Jumbo Eye Pencils' (in 604 Milk, 611 Yogurt, 619 Rust and 601 Black Bean). Do I even need to say you how great they are?
I love the white one to highlight the inner corner of my eyes or the brow bow, and the other either as a base for eyeshadows or simply smoked out and worn on their own. The only thing that sucks a little about them is the packaging, in my opinion, as they come with a plastic closure, which breaks reaaaaalllyy quick. But the product itself is great, so go and get it if you can!

And to stay in the same make-up-family : does somebody remember the hype around the essence 'I love' collection? I do remember that when it came out, every german Youtuber I watched used those products ... So I had to have it (obviously...)! 
I've got the 'I love Extreme' mascara, which has a really thick brush, so I guess that not everybody will love it as much as I do (and even bought a second one (which is hardly never the case, I swear).)

I also got the 'I love Stage' eyeshadow primer which, to me, seems like a normal primer. It's not something that is really outstanding and to be honest, I haven't noticed a big difference, so I don't think that it was worth the hype. But hey, at least I tried?

And this little guys? Do you recognize them?
The '24h Colour Tattoo's by Maybelline are cream eyeshadows that can be used either alone or as a base and are available in all kind of different colours. I got the more decent ones, and use them every then and now when I'm not in the mood to do my make-up or use eyeshadow, but I still want to look a little bit more pulled together. Also, they last on the lid for ages (and are sweatproof), so they're the perfect little companions for the upcoming summer.

This picture stands more for the brand as an ensemble than for the products. Of course : MAC! I guess that most people who are so in love with MAC, came across it on blogs or Youtube and wanted to know what was so special about their products, just as I did. I won't get in the details at this moment, because I've planned to do a post about my favorite MAC products, where I will elaborate more on this subject.

This two cuties are more 'recent' (one year ago?) purchases that were totally inspired by Youtube : Revlon's ' Colorstay Moisture Stain's '. I bought them on a trip to London, and really wanted to try them out. I ended up really liking the darker colour ( Parisian Passion ) because it looks really special and pulled-together immediately (it's not as dark as it comes out on the picture, I swear), but the lighter one ( London Push) wasn't really my favorite, as it has bigger glitter particles in it (which I had not seen in the shop) and I don't like that feeling on my lips that much. But for that price, I really can only recommend them aswell.

Here are a few more lip products, because hey! Which girl does ever get enough lip stuff to use and try, (to put in her make-up box and don't touch again for the next few years until she finds them back)? Right, none!

On the left, you can see a rosy-nude lipstick from Astor, that I really like for the day. Easy-going and 'long'-lasting (like, it lasts on yur lips for quite some time, but you'll have to reapply it a few times during the day) while looking cute and pulled-together : everything one could wish from a lipstick.

In the middle, I present : essence's 'Stay With Me' lipgloss in 'Milkshake'. This hype was particular about this colour and I totally get why : it's the perfect nude colour (even if the consistence of the lipgloss shouldn't be for everybody). I bought two of them as soon as they got out, and am quite sad as I have finished one of them not long ago.

On the right, we've got a NYX 'Butter Gloss' lipgloss in 'Crème Brulée'. One word : perfection.

'Hoola' by Benefit. I guess it's quite self-explanatory : the best contourer/bronzer thing I have found until now.

On the right, you can see one of the new 'Lip Shakers' by Lancôme, which I've bought in Munich. I haven't used it since then quite often, but I find that it feels quite nice and nurturing, and I like the decent colour. Let's hope that I get more use out of it during the spring/summer season!

And last but not least, I wanted to show you two tools without which I literally couldn't live : the beautyblender (which costs like 20 bucks, which sounds crazy for a little sponge...and it is! but this little guy brings the make-up game to a whole new level!) and the brushes from Real Techniques (which get the job done and don't cost you a fortune).

aaaaaand, that's it! Do I have a problem? Definitely! Do I care? Not at all!


confessions of a shopaholic

Do you know that moment when you see a clothing piece hanging in a shop, and you just know that it is meant to be in your wardrobe...in your life? Yepp, I feel you! That's exactly what happened with these trousers. So everybody who knows that feeling understands me when I say that I couldn't resist and had to get them.

What I loved so much about them was first of all, that I have only jeans in my wardrobe, and secondly, that you can wear them aswell with sneakers during the day (as I did for this outfit), as with heels in the evening, and it looks quite nice both ways (well, in my opinion).

tshirt - adidas
trousers - Eureka
sneakers - adidas Stan Smith
leather jacket - Pinko
bag - Moschino

bracelet - Paul Hewitt
watch - Skagen


oh berlin, berlin

Scrolling through my photos on my computer, I discovered a few really nice pictures of my trip to Berlin from 2 months ago. A friend of mine had asked me to join her, as she had planned on looking at some universities that she was interested in, and so we went to Berlin for a few days.

Of course we have visited a few bits and pieces there, and I have diligently made pictures, which I wanted to share with you.

pullover/dress - Zara
overknees - LaRedoute
coat - LaRedoute
bag - Moschino

trousers - Zara
coat - Mango
shoes - Liu Jo
bag - (same) Moschino
scarf - unknown

pssst! for those who know Lena Meyer-Landrut (german singer) : her music video from 'Beat To My Melody' was filmed here

I have created a sort of guide on townske (*click to get to it*) showing you a few places that I find really cool and interesting, and that you should have seen while staying in Berlin. 

For those who don't know Townske : it's a website where people all around the world are sharing their favorite places in different countries. I've discovered it a few months ago, and I find it really helpful for planing a trip or getting inspiration, as you can find places that aren't in your typical 'sightseeing for tourists'-guide, but places that the residents would recommend for example. It's really easy to use and comes also in an App-form, which I personally prefer.


nice to meet you

Hi guys! So I decided a while ago that I wanted to start a blog... again. I blogged a few years ago for some time, stopped then (why even?!), but I guess that the idea of writing about things that I like, do and that surround me, seduced me again. So here I am!

My name is Valeria, by the way. I'm a 19-year-old girl who comes originally from Ukraine, and lives since almost 15 years in Luxembourg. The spectrum of things that interest me is pretty vast and so will my blog be. I don't want to reduce myself to a few basic themes exclusively, but I want to keep it interesting, for you and for me. Most of time, I'll post about beauty stuff and fashion-related things. Pretty basic themes, I know. But I'll also write about things that inspire me or make me think, about food (of course), about my life (not that it's that special, but...you know), about books and films that I like (or don't like, we'll see that), etc.

Basically, I'd call it an adventure that I want to start and that I don't know where it's going to go. I hope that you'd like to join and come with me on this little adventure. So let's have fun!

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