'I guess we're all thieves'

Last week, two poets visited us in school for the purpose to bring us nearer to poetry, as we're a literary class.

In the beginning, I couldn't imagine how this should work out, as I'm everything but a 'poet'. I read a few of their poems and thought that they were really nice, but I'd rather stick with only reading and analyzing them than write myself (or more : try to write myself).
Now, I'm kind of impressed by how easy it was : easy in communicating with them, easy in understanding them and their train of thoughts, easy in applying their writing methods, easy to be a poet for two lessons.

The woman poet told at the beginning that in her opinion, we're all thieves, each of us, as we steal from the present sensations, feelings, moments, memories and we steal from the past inspiration. We steal and register everything that we see, and that makes us who we are at the end of the day because it influences how we think about different things, how we see them and what we learn from them.

She also said that she's persuated that there's a poet in each of us, but that our fear of being rejected or not appreciated as a writer by others would hold us back from writing and fully expressing and showing what we're capable of. And in fact, it's true! I have a really simple example : this blog and me, who's typing this text over and over again, each time correcting and redressing it, and publishing it at the end, even though it's not as good as it should be in my opinion.

And that's the problem about people in general (not only while writing) : we're thinking too much! We think about how our lifes used to be, who we were with, what we did, and about how we want (or don't want) our life to be in a few years. I guess it isn't possible to simply lay back and enjoy the moment itself, but turn around sometimes and observe everything that is around you. And be grateful for what you have instead of always complaining over what you don't. Start living life to its fullest and enjoying every moment of it! And stop thinking about everything twice before you do it. Yepp, maybe you'll see afterwards that what you did was a really dumb, unnecessary thing that you wish you hadn't done, but at least you can learn from it and will remember it for a long long time (hopefully).

So yeah, in my opinion, the poetess was right, and her words are as applicable to writing as to life itself. Create memories, and love living! Feel every second of it and enjoy every single day, because as somebody once told : life's too short to be anything but happy. Wise words, guy!

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