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Hi guys! So I decided a while ago that I wanted to start a blog... again. I blogged a few years ago for some time, stopped then (why even?!), but I guess that the idea of writing about things that I like, do and that surround me, seduced me again. So here I am!

My name is Valeria, by the way. I'm a 19-year-old girl who comes originally from Ukraine, and lives since almost 15 years in Luxembourg. The spectrum of things that interest me is pretty vast and so will my blog be. I don't want to reduce myself to a few basic themes exclusively, but I want to keep it interesting, for you and for me. Most of time, I'll post about beauty stuff and fashion-related things. Pretty basic themes, I know. But I'll also write about things that inspire me or make me think, about food (of course), about my life (not that it's that special, but...you know), about books and films that I like (or don't like, we'll see that), etc.

Basically, I'd call it an adventure that I want to start and that I don't know where it's going to go. I hope that you'd like to join and come with me on this little adventure. So let's have fun!


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