is that everything?

Did you sometimes think about you and how your life will be in 10 years? If you're going to look back and be proud of yourself and your achievements? Or if you'll be disappointed of how little you came to what you actually wanted?

Some people say that if you really want something, you can get to it. But I wonder if that's the complete truth. Does it really only need strong will power and consistence to achieve something in life?

In my opinion, no. I think it doesn't only depend on what you want and how much you're willing to sacrifice and work for it. Of course, it may help you, and without hard work and consistency you won't get anywhere, but I don't think that it's all there is. You have to have luck. And you have to have really good connections nowadays.

We're told in school that our marks should not define us. But let's just be honest : does any school, university or employer care about how hard you tried and how much you invested yourself, if the result isn't what they expect or need it to be? No, they see the marks and define you by them. Your marks define you and make your future, and not your only will power and hard work.

Sometimes you just can't get where you want, no matter how much you want it and how hard you try. It simply isn't enough. I think that it's a general problem in our society, that people aren't considered as having much of a 'worth' if their capacities or marks aren't good enough.

And I wonder, is that everything our society has to give? Are we condemned to work and work and work, just until we can't go further anymore, and then be left aside?
I don't think that society should work that way. I still believe that hard work pays off (and it definitely should!), and that it brings you nearer to your destination, but you have to have luck I guess.
That's all.

And I'm sure that hard work pays off, one way or another. As long as you believe in yourself and in your capabilities/dreams, and you're willing to go further and further, things should work out. I know that the vision that I have of our society (or at least, educationall-wise) isn't the most optimistic, but I just recognize that more and more people, who are really willing to work and invest themselves, don't even get a chance to prove what they are capable of. And I find it to be quite unfair, because that's not the way things should be (or at least, it's how I see the world). Everybody should have the same chance to prove themselves, no matter whom they know and who knows them. But I guess, that's only an ideal, and not really realizable.

Somebody once told : 'The biggest failure you can have in life is the mistake of never trying at all.' And he was right. That's the rythme of life : taking chances and occasions, trying to make things work out, falling, getting back up and trying again and again and again, until it works out and pays off one day. So I guess that's what life is all about, isn't it? That's the game of society - cheers to that.


Casual Family Brunch


 Yesterday was a good day. Why? First of all, the weather wasn't too bad (at least in the morning when I shooted this outfit). Secondly, I went to the restaurant with my family, which was quite nice, too. And last, but not least, I got to wear out my blouse from W les femmes which I'm simply in love with. I have it in two different colours (white and black), and I really love the two of them, as they quite differ from all of my other blouses. The black one is quite chic, and I guess that I wouldn't wear it during the day, contrary to the white one.

So I decided that I wanted to show my outfit, based around this blouse. I wanted something casual but with some chic twist, so that's what I came up with.

blouse - W les femmes
jeans - MAC summer denim
shoes - Adidas Stan Smith
belt - Levis
bag - roccobarocco
ring - Swarovski



rosy makeup look

Even though the weather in Luxembourg seems to protest, the spring season is there! So I wanted to create a make-up look that reminds me of spring. And this is how it turned out : very rosy and blush-toned, glowy and natural.

foundation : Maybelline (Dream Wonder Nude, in 10 Ivory)
concealer : Maybelline ( Fit Me Concealer, in 10)
cream contour : Maybelline (Fit Me anti-shine stick, in 315 Soft Honey)
powder contour (and eye crease tone) : benefit (Hoola Bronzer)
powder : Maybelline (Pure Make-Up Mineral Powder, in 02 Rose Ivory)

QUICKTIPP : Apply your make-up after the eyeshadows to avoid creasing and getting glitter everywhere.

eye primer : essence (I love Stage)
on the inner and outer corners of your eyes : Inglot (eye shadow, in AMC Shine 48)
in the centre of your lid : MAC (pigment, in Naked)

QUICKTIPP : Apply a pigment in a similar colour with a wet brush on top of your eyeshadow to get a stronger colour tone.

on the inner and outer corners of your eyes : MAC (pigment, in Rose)
mascara : Dr. Pierre Ricaud (Mascara, in Noir)

 brows : Maybelline (BrowDrama, in Medium Brown)
lips : MAC (Frost Lipstick, in Angel)



Chloé inspired OOTD

You're standing in front of your wardrobe, full of clothes, and still it seems to you like you have absolutely nothing to wear. I'm absolutely sure that 99% of the girls know what I'm talking about, am I right? I found an App called Vogue Runway which allows you to view all kind of collections and runway looks from all around the world. And sometimes, I find it quite inspiring to simply scroll through the pictures, just to see what's trending, so I can get some inspiration for my own outfits. 
When I saw this Chloé Pre-Fall 2016 Collection look, I knew that I wanted to put a similar outfit together around the blouse (which, in my opinion, is the key piece in the look).

Blouse - LaRedoute
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Liu Jo
Bag - Moschino
Hat - Urban Outfitters

Where do you get your inspiration from?



everybody looks better online

Classy, yet wearable on a daily basis. A touch of street style and French chic. All mixed in one look. That was the formula around which I created this look. And the key piece was definitely the new pair of shoes by Spaziomoda that I actually got a while ago already, but never knew how to style.
I love the Gucci-ish vibe that they give ( as they look somehow like the Gucci Suede mid-heel pumps in my opinion ), yet they have their own touch to them, too. 

The little heel on them is perfect for short people ( like me ), yet their really comfy and easy to walk in. Also, they remind me of the typical shoes that people wore at the French court around the time of Louis XIV. But in a more modern way of course!

Tshirt - Bershka
Blazer - LaRedoute
Trousers - &otherstories
Shoes - Spaziomoda

Belt - no name
Bag - Chanel
Bracelet - Paul Hewitt
Watch - Skagen



Lotti meets Adidas

Some weeks ago, I had to sort a few things out of my closet and on this very emotional journey, I found this bag by Gianfranco Lotti back. And even though I hadn't worn it for at least 5 years (I think this was even the first bag on the more expensive side that my mum had got for me), I couldn't get rid of it (#memories and stuff). So I decided to use it for a look, and I actually am pretty in love with the bag again (as I wore it probably every day since I found it back). 

blouse - Pinko
pullover - no name
trousers - Laura Clements
shoes - Adidas Stan Smith
bag - Gianfranco Lotti

It goes with practically everything that I wear, so it's sooo simple to combine. And that's what I love about a good bag : it's easy to style and still looks really nice and dressed.

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