Casual Family Brunch


 Yesterday was a good day. Why? First of all, the weather wasn't too bad (at least in the morning when I shooted this outfit). Secondly, I went to the restaurant with my family, which was quite nice, too. And last, but not least, I got to wear out my blouse from W les femmes which I'm simply in love with. I have it in two different colours (white and black), and I really love the two of them, as they quite differ from all of my other blouses. The black one is quite chic, and I guess that I wouldn't wear it during the day, contrary to the white one.

So I decided that I wanted to show my outfit, based around this blouse. I wanted something casual but with some chic twist, so that's what I came up with.

blouse - W les femmes
jeans - MAC summer denim
shoes - Adidas Stan Smith
belt - Levis
bag - roccobarocco
ring - Swarovski


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