hello monday!

It's that time of the week again.. where you have to realize that your weekend is already over, and that it passed so quickly that you don't even know what you did those 2 days...

The only good thing about today was that we had good weather in Luxembourg, which is really rare these days (it snowed last week, do I even need to go further?). So I wanted to show you a typical Monday-Outfit (or, what is for me a typical Monday-Outfit). Not that it's THAT special, but you know, maybe as a little inspiration for the next few mondays to come?

(As you can see, I'm not used to sun anymore...)

pullover - Zara
trousers - 
belt - Prada
shoes - Adidas Stan Smith

bag - Moschino
rings - Forever21 (and some other random places, but I don't know exact names anymore, sorry)


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