little throwback : Rhodes (part 1)


As I was quite nostalgic these last couple of days, the idea came to me that I wanted to post each 1-2 weeks some kind of train of thoughts or throwback. So this week, I wanted to show a few pictures of my holidays in Rhodes from 2 years ago.

I was there for about 1 week in April, and I really loved it there. Even though it wasn't that warm, my friend and I really enjoyed the sunny moments, the beautiful view from our hotel (1st and last picture), and the island in itself.

Our hotel was really unexpensive, aswell as the flight, and the stay itself. I'm not sure if it was that unexpensive because we didn't go during the main season or if it's always that unexpensive, but I was quite impressed and enjoyed it to its fullest. So if you still don't know where to go this summer, I can only recommend you to check out Rhodes.



all rose everything makeup look

As my last few makeup looks were all pretty nude, I wanted to do something different this time. I still wanted it to be wearable on a day to day basis, so the really bright colours (like green or blue) were already excluded, and I came up with this quite rosy makeup.

What I love most about it is that you can layer the shadow until you like it, so it can be either a quite decent version or an all-over night-out makeup.

primer : Kiko ( Skin Tone Corrector, in 01 Green)
foundation : Maybelline (Dream Wonder Nude Foundation, in 10 Ivory)
concealer : bareMinerals (Correcting Concealer, in Light 2)
cream contour : Maybelline (Fit Me! Anti-shine stick, in 315 Soft Honey)

eyeshadows : Urban Decay ( vice palette )

QUICKTIPP : I first of all used the colours Truth and Undone (mixted together) as a base the whole lid, inner eye corner and brow bone. I then continued by putting gradually Alchemy and Bondage (mixed together aswell) into my crease, forming a V-form on the outter corner of my eye, and blending it over and over again. Afterwards, I used a flat eyeshadow brush to pack the colour Sonic onto my eyelids. After that, I blended everything together, put the same Truth unter the brow bone, and some Alchemy and Bondage on the bottom lash line. Finally, I used Bobby Dazzle as a highlight in the inner eye corner, et voilĂ !

concealer : Maybelline (Dream Lumi Touch Hightlighting Concealer, in 02)
mascara : Maybelline (the Rocket Volum' Express Mascara)

QUICKTIPP : Use a lightlighting concealer and a concealer brush to correct any eyeshadow or lipstick.

powder : essence (fix&matte! translucent powder)
bronzer/contour : Benefit (Hoola Bronzer)
brow gel : Maybelline (BROWdrama, in medium)

QUICKTIPP : Use a fan brush to apply your powder in a light dosis only to the parts of your face that need it most.

lip liner : p2 (Perfect Lips Color Stop Lip Definer)
lipstick : MAC (Viva Glam IV)
lipgloss : MAC (lipglass, in Lust )

QUICKTIPP : Do only apply the lipgloss to the center of your lips to get the illusion of fuller lips.



the thing about love

The thing about love is, it can destroy you and make you happy at the same time. You can't chose who you're falling for, and you can't protect yourself from it. You loose control : over you, your feelings and your actions. And it may even make you happy, but is it actually worth it?

All the pain, the sleepless nights, the tears, the discussions and fights - the laughing, the kisses, the late-night-talks, the feeling of being loved and apreciated for who you are.

Actually, why are we calling it 'falling in love'? Doesn't the expression in itself connote pain and suffering already? And still, everybody finds it normal to use it as an expression of joy and fulfilment. Strange, isn't it?

And when is it over? Like, really over? How are you supposed to know that it's not only a difficult period that will be over soon? You can't. Or at least, that's my opinion. You have to risk to get hurt yourself in order to make (perhaps) someone else happy. That's how love works, I guess.

And when it's over, what now? Is it really over? Or only for a short period again, and then it starts all over again? You have to risk to get hurt, so that you possibly can become happy. To me, that seems like a contradiction in itself. And it shouldn't be that way, should it?

But that's the thing about love ; it's a game, whether you want it to be or not. And you have 2 possibilities : you play it and risk to end up disappointed, or you let it be and you'll possibly get into a new game of that kind.



don't grow up - it's a trap


As you may have read in my last post (which was a Zara Haul), I'm totally in love with my new bomber jacket (from Zara, as I already said). The colours are so simple and go with pretty much everything in my wardrope. Plus, I love the backside of the jacket, which says 'Don't Grow Up'. It was actually that slogan that caught my attention most, I guess. 

So, for this outfit I combined the bomber jacket with a really simple pair of black jeans and a black tshirt. And even though it's only a tshirt, a pair of jeans and a jacket on top, I felt pretty comfortable in it. Oh, and I'm sorry for always wearing the same pair of shoes and the same bag, but hey, I show you what I wear and I actually wear the bag almost everyday aswell as the shoes, so yepp... I'll try to wear some other shoes or/and bag for the next outfit (I won't promise it, but I'll try, deal?).

T-Shirt : H&M
Jeans : Zara
Shoes : Adidas Stan Smith
Bomber Jacket : Zara
Belt : Levis
Bag : Moschino
Bracelet : Pandora
Watch : Skagen
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