OOTW in Vienna // Casual Sunday

So as I dedicated a whole post to our visit of the Prater fair, I don't want to annoy you by rambling on and on about what we have done, and I'll show directly my outfit for today.

It was really hot today in Vienna, and as I knew that it would be more of a casual sightseeing day, I put the accent for this outfit on 3 concluding words : comfortable, breezy and casual. So I went for a jeans overall from Zara, which is literally soooo comfortable that I could live in it for the rest of my days ... Okay, not quite, but you get the idea, I guess. As it makes me always feel like a little child, I wanted to pick up on that idea by combining a striped, airy T-Shirt that I got from Zara aswell. It reminds me somehow of childhood (don't even ask, I don't know why). I went for simple, white sandals, and a backpack as I found it more comfy for a day of walking, than having to carry a bag all the time.
As for accessories, I kept it quite simple, only pairing a choker from Forever21 and some sunnies.

what I wore...

   * Overall, by Zara
   * T-Shirt, by Zara
   * Backpack, by Zara
   * Choker, by Forever21
   * Sandals, by Nila&Nila

(vienna) sightseeing - Prater, Madame Tussaud's

Do you know that feeling when you look around you and you realize that you are perfectly happy? Even if it's just for a little break of a second. But you are glad to be where you are at that moment, and to be with the people who surround you. Yepp, that's how I felt the last 24 hours, and I hope there are even more such moments to come while my stay in Vienna.

Today, we made a little fun trip to the well-known fair 'Prater', which is open to public almost all year around. And I definitely suggest you visit it if you ever happen to come to Vienna. As for us, we had a really fun time visiting the Ferris wheel that is one of the main attractions of the fair aswell as the Madame Tussaud's (which I obviously couldn't skip).

thankful to have this 'little' miss by my side
Karl Marx
Audrey Hepburn
High Five, Sir Strauss !
Why so serious Beethoven ?
' - We are all in our private traps, clamped in them, and none of us can ever get out.
- Sometimes we deliberately step into those traps.
- I was born in mine. I don't mind it anymore.
- Oh, but you should. You should mind it.
- I do, but I say that I don't.'
- Psycho

OOTW in Vienna / / Saturday Night

As I'm in Vienna for one week (from today on), I thought that I wanted to share my outfits of each day with you, as sort of an Outfits Of The Week kind of thing. 

So for today, we arrived this evening at 8 p.m., heading directly to our appartment to change and get some food. We decided to give a japanese restaurant called Soya a try, but I'm planning on doing a whole post about food in Vienna where I'll go more into detail for each place that I visited.

what I wore...
   * Jumpsuit, from Mango
   * Belt, from No Name
   * Sandals, from Steve Madden
   * Bag, from Gianfranco Lotti
   * Earrings, from Konplott


simple khaki makeup look for summer

foundation : BB Cream (in 04 Medium), by Kiko
concealer : Pro Longwear Concealer (in NW25), by MAC
cream contour : Fit Me! anti-shine stick (in 315 Soft Honey), by Maybelline

QUICKTIPP : Use a damp Beauty Blender to blend everything together and get an even finish.

contour : Hoola Bronzer, benefit
powder : Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (in Medium), by MAC

QUICKTIPP : Use a powder of your skin colour as a blending eyeshadow to evite having to use even more colours.

powder : fix & matte translucent loose powder, by essence
highlighter : Multicolour System Hightlighting Powder (in 83), by Inglot

QUICKTIPP : After setting the T-zone with a translucent powder, use a highlighter on the high points of your face. Don't forget to highlight your cupid's bow to get the illusion of even fuller lips.

eyeshadow (in All That Glitters), by MAC

QUICKTIPP : Use this lighter eyeshadow on the whole lid, before using a more khaki-toned, darker shade to give your eyes some dimension.

eyeshadow (in Silver Dawn), by MAC
in the inner eye corner : Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof (in 100 Pearly Bird), by Catrice

QUICKTIPP : Use the Catrice stick to highlight the inner corners of your eyes, aswell as on your bottom lashes to get the effect of bigger eyes. Blend the darker eyeshadow ( here : 'Silver Dawn') into your bottom lashes aswell, starting with the outer corner of your eyes, getting lighter towards the middle of your bottom lashes.

brows : BrowDrama (in Medium Brown), by Maybelline

eyelash curler, No Name
mascara : Better than Sex, by Too Faced

lip pencil : Creamy Contour Comfort Lip Liner (in 301) by Kiko

QUICKTIPP : Use the lip pencil not only to give your lips some form, but also as a base for you lipstick.

lipstick : Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick (in 302), by Kiko
lipgloss : butter gloss (in CREME BRULEE), by NYX

QUICKTIPP : Use the lipgloss only in the center of your lips to get the illusion of bigger lips.



ombré dress and colour blocking

dress - Waggon Paris
shoes - Spaziomoda
bag - roccobarocco
sunglasses - Prada

Do you remember when colour blocking was THE trend, a few years ago? Yepp. Sometimes, I get nostalgic about those times, and that's when outfits like this one get their revival.
The combination of the white-blue ombré dress and the orange purse surely isn't everybody's cup of tea, but I quite like the contrast. Nevertheless, I tried to pick up on the gold of the bag and white of the dress with the sneaker-type of shoes that combine both of it. So even though, it's (definitely) out of my comfort zone, I pretty like the different style once in a while.



beauty haul (south of france edition)

Hi guys!
First of all, I wanted to apologize for being so rare these last couple of weeks over here. Due to school stuff and my vacation in South of France, I hadn't been able to keep the blog updated, but I have planned a lot for the nearer future, so I hope that it will make it up (at least, a little).

For today, I wanted to show you the few beauty items that I bought in Southern France, hoping it might be helpful for you (to see what's out there for the moment), but also to feel less repentant for buying too many things that I don't really need (again...).

BB CREAM (with SPF 15) in 04 medium, by KIKO --- 8,90Euro
LONG-LASTING EYESHADOW in 229, by KIKO --- 4,40Euro
CREAMY LIPGLOSS in 102, by KIKO --- 3,40Euro

VAPORISATEUR in rose, by SEPHORA --- 9,95Euro
BEAUTY BLENDER --- 16,90Euro
EYESHADOW BRUSH in 201, by KIKO --- 6,90Euro

BETTER THAN SEX MASCARA (miniature), by TOO FACED --- 12Euro

EXTRA DIMENSION EYESHADOW in Silver Dawn, by MAC --- 23Euro
EYESHADOW in Antiqued, by MAC --- 18Euro
CREAM LIP STAIN in 06, by SEPHORA --- 10,95Euro

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