(vienna) sightseeing - Prater, Madame Tussaud's

Do you know that feeling when you look around you and you realize that you are perfectly happy? Even if it's just for a little break of a second. But you are glad to be where you are at that moment, and to be with the people who surround you. Yepp, that's how I felt the last 24 hours, and I hope there are even more such moments to come while my stay in Vienna.

Today, we made a little fun trip to the well-known fair 'Prater', which is open to public almost all year around. And I definitely suggest you visit it if you ever happen to come to Vienna. As for us, we had a really fun time visiting the Ferris wheel that is one of the main attractions of the fair aswell as the Madame Tussaud's (which I obviously couldn't skip).

thankful to have this 'little' miss by my side
Karl Marx
Audrey Hepburn
High Five, Sir Strauss !
Why so serious Beethoven ?
' - We are all in our private traps, clamped in them, and none of us can ever get out.
- Sometimes we deliberately step into those traps.
- I was born in mine. I don't mind it anymore.
- Oh, but you should. You should mind it.
- I do, but I say that I don't.'
- Psycho

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