OOTW in Vienna // Blue Final

I guess today was a good day. It was the last day in Vienna and I actually can say that I've fallen for this city, and that I'll miss every little corner of it. No matter where you turn, you have a beautiful building, a piece of history, an architecture that tells you its story. The people are so friendly over here, and there's so much to see that I can't even say that I've seen 10% of it. So I hope that I'll get to come back soon here to discover even more of Vienna. And for the time in between, I'll look at the pictures showing one week, full of memories.

As it was quite sunny in the morning, I paired a flowy top by comma with my favorite skirt by Topshop. To complete the outfit, I put on my current everday-sandals by nila&nila, my turquoise backpack by Zara, and a few little accessories such as earrings, a ring (gifted by my grandma) and a little anklet. I had to change in the afternoon because it got quite cold and rainy, but nevertheless I really liked my first outfit.

And with these words, I'd like to say goodbye to Vienna, thank my friend for this amazing trip (and being so patient with me while taking outfit pictures) and finish this Outfit Of The Week - serie. Hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did!

what I wore...

   * Top, by comma
   * Skirt, by Topshop
   * Sandals, by Nila&Nila
   * Backpack, by Zara
   * Earrings, &otherstories
   * Ring, by Swarovski
   * Anklet, by Primark

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