OOTW in Vienna // Casual Sunday

So as I dedicated a whole post to our visit of the Prater fair, I don't want to annoy you by rambling on and on about what we have done, and I'll show directly my outfit for today.

It was really hot today in Vienna, and as I knew that it would be more of a casual sightseeing day, I put the accent for this outfit on 3 concluding words : comfortable, breezy and casual. So I went for a jeans overall from Zara, which is literally soooo comfortable that I could live in it for the rest of my days ... Okay, not quite, but you get the idea, I guess. As it makes me always feel like a little child, I wanted to pick up on that idea by combining a striped, airy T-Shirt that I got from Zara aswell. It reminds me somehow of childhood (don't even ask, I don't know why). I went for simple, white sandals, and a backpack as I found it more comfy for a day of walking, than having to carry a bag all the time.
As for accessories, I kept it quite simple, only pairing a choker from Forever21 and some sunnies.

what I wore...

   * Overall, by Zara
   * T-Shirt, by Zara
   * Backpack, by Zara
   * Choker, by Forever21
   * Sandals, by Nila&Nila

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