Vienna Sightseeing (Recap Part I)

As promised, I wanted to share another few pictures about our sightseeing trips in Vienna. I know that a few recap-pictures won't be capable to show you the whole beauty of this city (for that, you'll have to see it with your own eyes), but I hope that it'll still give you a little impression of what it was like. 

One of the main attractions for me personally was the original house of the famous Austrian artist Friedrich Hundertwasser which is nowadays used as a museum for his works (mainly). The architecture is spectacular, aswell as his paintings and plans for other buildings (such as churches for example). 

Another very beautiful museum was the Albertina Museum which had an exposition about Monet, Picasso and a few other famous painters of the classical modernism. Definitely check out the antique building and the current exposition while you're in Vienna!

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The 'Stephansdom' is a church that is located in the heart of Vienna. You'll probably pass by at one moment or another while in Vienna. I'd recommend also visiting the inside of the church!

I'd also recommend you checking out the little side alleys everywhere, as the architecture is really impressing no matter where you go in Vienna. And who knows? You might even bump into some really cute fountain (as we did) or bistro.

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