kinda all black - last summer outfit

Two-Piece by Liu Jo // Bag by Gianfranco Lotti // Shoes by Unisa // Necklace by Forever 21

In my opinion, two-pieces are the easiest and (often) the nicest way of looking put together and sophisticated without having to put too much thought and effort into the outfit. And that's exactly what I love about this two-piece set by Liu Jo. 

Actually, it's really simple, but the cutouts, which are all over it (except for a little short underneath the trousers), aswell as the cut are not only comfortable and perfect for hot summer days, but make it look very special and unusual. I also really like that I can wear it with a pair of sandals (as I did for this look) during the daytime, or with a pair of simple black heels for the evening.

For this look, I chose to wear a pair of sandals, but with a little wedge for a little something (if you know what I mean). The sandals are metallic, which is a huge trend (again) right now, and I like them because it follows this trend but in a really suttle and decent way and without being over-the-top over-whelming. 

My bag. Do I even need to elaborate on it? I wear it all the time right now. It's my personal Mary-Poppins-bag, because it looks tiny but fits a lot of stuff in it (like, really a lot of stuff!)
To top this whole outfit off, I only paired a little necklace with it, because I think that the two-piece is a statement by itself that doesn't need any more.


(Collaboration with Audrey // Lavieest-belge) Quick, easy, nude Makeup

The beautiful Audrey from La Vie Est Belge and me have decided some time ago to get together and do a collaboration post in order to show you an Outfit with a matching Makeup-Look, as a sort of inspiration for the approaching Fall time.

We decided to go for a more simple look as it would be easier to reproduce and be applicable to (almost) everybody.

My role was to do a simple, easy and quick Makeup that would match Audrey's outfit, and this is what I came up with. I used only brown and beige shades, but if you want your look to pop a little more, you can just easily use a bolder lipcolour et voilĂ !

Hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to check out Audrey's Outfit over on her blog!


London Day 4 (Sightseeing)

I'm not going to do an online tourist-guide on this blog, as I'm pretty sure that there more than enough on the Internet and I find it unnecessary as a consequence.

I've been at home for quite a few days. I nevertheless, really wanted to share a few photos of our stay in London. I really like how the pictures turned out, as they really show this 'standart' London, what we have in mind as soon as somebody drops the name of the UK capital.

We visited Madame Tussaud's as only museum, but for 35£ I don't know if I can recommand it (even though it's pretty cool and a-typical, in my opinion). So I guess that everybody has to deliberate about whether a museum trip is worth the money for them or not.

These last few days, I have posted three different outfits that I wore on vacation. So, just in case if somebody is interested, here you go for the firstthe second and the last one. Enjoy!



London Day 3 (OOTD)

Trousers by Eureka // T-Shirt by Adidas // Jacket by Bik Bok
Shoes by Adidas Stan Smith // Bag by Love Moschino // Choker by Forever 21

Back in Luxembourg, I wanted to share my last OOTD from London with you (as I had already announced on Instagram). No matter how much I love the capital city of England, the weather is really depressing most of the time (just as in Luxembourg). I wore this outfit for a rainy shopping afternoon, as I wanted to stay comfy. Still, the trousers give the whole look a special touch in my opinion, which was exactly what I went for.

I normally wear these trousers by Eureka with a simple white T-Shirt (as this one by Adidas), some sneakers and a leather jacket (see here). This time, I paired it with a simple jeans jacket, and I find it to give the over-all look a more everyday - grungy touch, which I quite enjoy.


London Day 2 (OOTD)

Dress by LaRedoute 
Bag by Love Moschino // Boots by LaRedoute

Every time I put on this little burgundy dress, I feel like D'Artagnon from the Four Mousqueteres somehow. I guess it's because of the sleves and the flowy cut. Also I really like the colour. It's actually anything like my other dresses, but that's probably why I love it even more.

As I find it to be a statement piece by itself, I like to wear it with my simple black cut-out boots by LaRedoute and my everyday bag by Love Moschino, and that's it. Quite simple, I know, but nevertheless I really like how it looks all together.


London Day 1 (OOTD)

T-Shirt by Zara // Skirt by LaRedoute // Jacket by Zara 
Backpack by Zara // Sneakers by Adidas // Choker by Forever21 // Necklace by Brandy Melville

Back at it again! In what is (in my opinion) the best city in the world : London! 
I love everything about it. The streets, the pubs, the shops, the restaurants, the people, ... simply everything. I don't know why, but every time I come back it feels like finding my way back home. Strange, I know.

For our first day, we had great chance with the weather : sunshine and a blue sky, but without the really hot temperatures. So I choose to wear a A-lined skirt by LaRedoute, a simple white T-Shirt by Zara and my all-time-favorite jacket by Zara (too). I wore a pair of Adidas Stan Smith sneakers (which look quite gross by this time, sorry for that), and used my Zara backpack to stay comfy. To spice the look a little bit up, I chose this 90s-inspired choker which I got from Forever 21 and this silver necklace by Brandy Melville.
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