London Day 4 (Sightseeing)

I'm not going to do an online tourist-guide on this blog, as I'm pretty sure that there more than enough on the Internet and I find it unnecessary as a consequence.

I've been at home for quite a few days. I nevertheless, really wanted to share a few photos of our stay in London. I really like how the pictures turned out, as they really show this 'standart' London, what we have in mind as soon as somebody drops the name of the UK capital.

We visited Madame Tussaud's as only museum, but for 35£ I don't know if I can recommand it (even though it's pretty cool and a-typical, in my opinion). So I guess that everybody has to deliberate about whether a museum trip is worth the money for them or not.

These last few days, I have posted three different outfits that I wore on vacation. So, just in case if somebody is interested, here you go for the firstthe second and the last one. Enjoy!


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