The In-The-Moment-Clique

They wear Gucci, Prada and Chanel. They drink Dom Pérignon and Belvedere. They walk on the streets as if the world was theirs. They are the so-named 'high society'.

As I have already mentionned in my previous Post, I celebrated my 20th birthday in Munich last Saturday, in a club that was known to be like a second home for celebrities visiting the city that is dealt as the richest and most beautiful city in whole Germany. Nowadays, the club is host of a bar, a restaurant and a dance floor for everybody who wishes to have a great night on the steps of the ancient celebrities.

I'm surely no celebrity and I also don't know any, except for one kindergarden buddy of mine (if I even can call her like this), who works in the fashion industry and knows quite some people around the place as a consequence. I spent my time with her and her friends in this club, and it made me think quite a little.

I saw them. Them who everybody would love to change places with. Them who 'normal' people consider to be an ideal that one should strive for.
But, no. I don't think that anyone should. Most of those people are nice, yes. But they live a life that I wouldn't want for me personally.

They live in a world of illusions, nothing more.
A world where not only the nails and lashes of the people are fake, but their smiles and personalities, too. A world where the image you project of yourself on the outter world is more important that the real you. A world where you don't really matter as an individual.
What actually matters though are your new shoes, your new purse and your 'new nose' ; the people you know, the people who know you, and the people you sit with ; the gossip you share ; and the smile you put on for the duration of a 'soirée'.

I don't say that the way they live is better or worse than mine or yours, or that I or somebody else am / is a better person because they have another lifestyle. I simply am recapitulating what I've seen.

For me personally, I don't think that I would want to live this way. I don't want to have to doubt about my 'friends' and to present myself as an object that is accessible for everybody.

I don't want to be part of (what I would call) the 'In The Moment Clique'. A group of people that live in the moment, don't think about what will be in 5 minutes, half an hour, or a day, but who do what they want and somehow come through life with it. Or at least until now...



  1. Hello Valeria!
    We just want to let you know, that we're following your Blog (and your Instagram) since day one and we really like your Blog. Every Post ist written super good and you're taking awesome Photos! So Keep up the great work!

    All the best,
    Flo from most_hated


    1. Hi Flo!

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! This means really a lot to me:) I'm glad to hear that you like my work, and I hope that you will like it in the future, too!


  2. I don't like to be part of that group too! Life is so beautiful and there are many things matter more that a new pair of shoes. At the same time I think that this virtual world made of blogs and social media doesn't help to stay truely to yourself as we are constantly bombarded by messages about what you should buy or how you should look like!

    1. I totally agree with you! On the other hand I also think that once you've realized that there's a difference between the virtual and the real world, you can begin to distance yourself a little so that social media has less influence on you, or you can even use it for your advantage. I don't say that I personally for example don't let myself influence of it (of course I do to some extent like everybody else, too), but I also use the Internet through my blog to express what I think, how I feel about certain things and share what I love! I don't say that it's the ideal way, but I guess it's a pretty good in-between:)

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I really do appreciate that!:)


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