best of 2016 // eyes

As I'm waiting to (finally) leave for London after our flight got cancelled in the morning due to the fog, I thought that I'd share my 5 favorite eye products of 2016 that is slowly coming to an end. As a consequence, this will be the second of the 3 planned best of 2016 posts (click here to see my best of 2016 - foundation). Enjoy!

First of all, the Naked palette by Urban Decay. An oldie, I know, but a goldie! I pretty much used it all year around, especially the first colour Virgin as you can tell by the picture probably. So, if there is anybody out there that still doesn't have it, believe me when I say that you need to get it. Totally worth its money!

Next would have to be the I love Extreme Volume Mascara by essence. This was hyped up sooo much, and I totally get why. It's really an amazing, and (of course) affortable drugstore mascara that makes your lashes look stunning. Love love love!

Let's continue with these 2! 
The first one is the Perfect Eyes Illuminator Stick by p2. For those who don't know the brand : you can get it in every local drugstore like DM in Germany, and it's really affortable. I use this stick to highlight the area under my brows, and create a more defined look. My only struggle is that I can't find a pencil sharpener that is big enough for this stick. (So if you have any tipps, please let me know!)
The second one is the Jumbo Eye Pencil by NYX, in 604 Milk. I guess that everybody who has watched YouTube videos a few years ago knows about this one, as it was all over the Internet. These pencils are available in different colours, so depending on what colour you go for, you can either use it as a base for your eyeshadow or wear it on its own. I have quite a few of them, and I love them all, but this one has to be in this favorite list as I used it not only as a highlight for the inner eye corner but also as a base. So it's quite well-loved, I'd say.

Last but not least, I loved my personalized MAC Quatro with Cranberry, Woodwinked, Club and Vanilla. This little guy has already travelled sooooo much with me, it's incredible. That's probably also a reason why it looks so beat up, so sorry for that. I grapped for this palette aswell for my daytime looks as for nighttime occasions, as it allows you to create a very decent look and to go for a more bold eye aswell. Perfect all-rounder!



best of 2016 // foundation

Hi everybody! I hope you had an amazing Christmas spending some quality time with your family, eating good food, giving and receiving nice presents and enjoying yourselves to its fullest.

As we are approaching the end of 2016 soooo fast, I thought that I would share my favorite products of this year with you. For this, I wanted to start a little mini-series out of 3 posts covering the 3 main parts of the products, as to know : foundation, eyes and lips. Each category will include 5 of my favorite products for this year. Let's begin with foundation!

First things first : liquid foundation. For this, I don't even have to think about, as it would have to be the Dream Wonder Nude Fluid Make-Up by Maybelline in 10 Ivory. I got this one in a gift box some time ago, when I went to the Aftershow Party of Germany's Next Topmodel, and I'm sooo glad to have tried it. I love the liquid and light texture of it that glides on to your skin like a second skin. Unfortunately, I have totally used it up, but I'll definitely repurchase it in 2017.

And of course we would have to talk about concealer when talking about foundation stuff. My favorite one is the Fit Me! Concealer by Maybelline aswell, in 10. I really enjoyed this one, as it isn't too heavy, but can be used aswell under the eyes to highlight as on spots to conceal. The price point is  amazing (as per usual with Maybelline) and I think that it is definitely a good option to the (far more expensive) Nars Radiant Concealer that everybody is talking about.

Next is my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder in Medium which, as you probably can see very well by this picture, I have almost completely used up. I don't even know what to say about it, as I'm pretty sure that most of you already know this one. It's a slightly more expensive powder, but I'll definitely repurchase it as I love the finish, the perfect setting and the absense of caky-ness.

We're almost through it. But of course I can't talk of foundation without talking about the Fit me! Anti-shine stick by Maybelline in 315 Soft Honey. I guess 2016 was the year of contouring for me, as I haven't ever left this step out when putting on my makeup. I mostly used this stick (which is way too dark for me to use as an all-over foundation) as a base for the powder contour to enhance the natural the contour. Sometimes, I also used it on its own, as it really gives a very natural-looking, yet remarkable result.

Las, but definitely not least, an old classic : the Hoola Bronzer by Benefit. I don't think that I have to explain why I loved it so much, do I? I always used this one on top of the 'liquid' contour (if I even can call it that way), and really really loved the result. If you don't have it yet, believe me when I say that it will change your (contouring) life and that you need it!

And so that's about it for foundation! What were your favorite foundation products in 2016?


living in pullover (-dresses)

As mentionned in my previous Outfit Post, I'm currently living in pullovers. To change things up a bit, I began wearing pullover dresses. They can easily be dressed up or down (as for this look) and I love the fact that you just throw them on, and you're good to go. There's no need to search for hours an outfit in your closet, which is exactly why I'm so in love with them right now. Like, let's be honest: who has time in the morning to search for a top that makes the old skirt look cute again? Yepp, nobody. 

As already told, this is a really simple look. I chose to dress this pullover dress that I got from LaRedoute, with a pair of tights, my Adidas Stan Smith sneakers and some simple studs from Forever21. And that's already it! So I think that everybody has these few items so that you can simply recreate a similar look.



It took me some time, but I finally came around writing my skincare post! (*yayyyy*) The reason why it took me so long is because I didn't want to write about and recommend products that I'm not 100 % sure about. But (finally), I've got into a certain rhythm which I wanted to share with you.

I just quickly also wanted to mention that I have a combinated skin type, which means that I get quite oily around my forehead, nose and chin-area while getting really dry patches on my cheeks and (sometimes even) around my eyes (which nevertheless isn't a typical caracteristic of this skin type, I guess, but more of a personal 'problem').

First things first : I wash my face twice a day (morning and evening obviously) with this Pure Active Gel by Garnier, that tends to imperfections. It has a very liquid consistency which I wasn't so sure about in first place, but I get along with it quite good in the meantime. Also, it says on the product that it is supposed to remove makeup, which I can't recommend, as it doesn't remove everything and you're basically only pushing your makeup even deeper into your pores by doing so.
So to remove my makeup in the evening, I use the Make-Up Remover for under the shower by Nivea. It has a very milky consistency (which I personally like most to remove my makeup), and is used (as the name suggests already) under the shower. In my opinion, it does its job quite nice, and is really easy and quick to use, which is what I am searching in a makeup removing product.

The second step would be to moisture the skin. For this step, I use two different products, one in the morning, the other in the evening.

So in the morning, I go for a lighter cream which has to serve as a base for my makeup aswell. For this, I use the Antioxidant Facial Cream by DayTox. It has a very light consistency, that soaks in really quickly ; is full of beautiful natural ingredients, such as Sheabutter and Amaranth Oil for example ; and is supposed to serve as a kind of 'detox' for the skin. I use this on a daily basis, because I really like how quickly my skin absorbs it, so I can begin to apply my makeup just a few seconds after. I also find it really moisturizing, and for this little price point, I fell in love quite early with the product.

In the evening, I like to use something even more hydrating, like the Totes Meer Salbe by Schaebens, that is a german brand, available for example at DM in Germany. I bought this cream on recommendation and have had no regrets. It doesn't make me break out while being really moisturizing and gentle to the skin. I also use it around my eyes as sort of an eye cream (also in the morning) and I have to say that it's the only cream that really gets my dry patches away (and believe me when I say that I have tried out almost every product that I only could find).

Last but definitely not least, I get sometimes really bad spots as a result for unhealthy food habits, stress, a certain time every month that every girl / woman knows and the oily parts of my skin.
For these cases, I like to use this Essential Oil 100% by Tea Tree Skincare. I like to mix a few drops with water, put it onto a cotton pad and apply it to whereever it's needed. It helps instantly, and I love the idea of using natural based products instead of chemicals on my skin. Also I have noticed that my skin react much better to natural products. But I have to warn you : this stuff smells really really strong, and bad, so if you have problems with strong scents, I'm not sure if you'll love this as much.
You can get this one for example at Boots or Superdrug (that's where I got mine).



daddy's pullover & jeans skirt

pullover by édéis // skirt by Zara // coat by comma
bag by Topshop // shoes by Liu Jo // earrings by Forever21

I guess that every girl on this planet has already recognized that men's pullovers are like 100 times more cozy that those for women. So I have become a real 'kidnapper' of my dad's pullovers (who's always searching for his pullovers, while I'm wearing them).

This outfit is based around one of them which he got from a brand called édéis. This is actually all I've been wearing lately as it's the coziest, most comfortable and warm thing on this planet and I'm totally in love with it. Because of it's black colour, I can pair it in so many different ways. For this look, I went for my jeans skirt by Zara, which is actually more of a spring/summer piece, but paired with tights, pullover, boots and coat, I find it totally appropriate as a transitional piece, too. In this case, my boots are from Liu Jo, and my coat is from comma. To top the whole thing up, I carried my Topshop bag with me, that I wear on every occasion I possibly can. For accessories, I kept it quite minimal with only a pair of Forever21 studs, and that's it!

Oh and in case you were wondering : my lipstick is MAC's Rebel, which looks very dark in the tube, but is actually a quite wearable colour in my opinion.

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