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As I'm waiting to (finally) leave for London after our flight got cancelled in the morning due to the fog, I thought that I'd share my 5 favorite eye products of 2016 that is slowly coming to an end. As a consequence, this will be the second of the 3 planned best of 2016 posts (click here to see my best of 2016 - foundation). Enjoy!

First of all, the Naked palette by Urban Decay. An oldie, I know, but a goldie! I pretty much used it all year around, especially the first colour Virgin as you can tell by the picture probably. So, if there is anybody out there that still doesn't have it, believe me when I say that you need to get it. Totally worth its money!

Next would have to be the I love Extreme Volume Mascara by essence. This was hyped up sooo much, and I totally get why. It's really an amazing, and (of course) affortable drugstore mascara that makes your lashes look stunning. Love love love!

Let's continue with these 2! 
The first one is the Perfect Eyes Illuminator Stick by p2. For those who don't know the brand : you can get it in every local drugstore like DM in Germany, and it's really affortable. I use this stick to highlight the area under my brows, and create a more defined look. My only struggle is that I can't find a pencil sharpener that is big enough for this stick. (So if you have any tipps, please let me know!)
The second one is the Jumbo Eye Pencil by NYX, in 604 Milk. I guess that everybody who has watched YouTube videos a few years ago knows about this one, as it was all over the Internet. These pencils are available in different colours, so depending on what colour you go for, you can either use it as a base for your eyeshadow or wear it on its own. I have quite a few of them, and I love them all, but this one has to be in this favorite list as I used it not only as a highlight for the inner eye corner but also as a base. So it's quite well-loved, I'd say.

Last but not least, I loved my personalized MAC Quatro with Cranberry, Woodwinked, Club and Vanilla. This little guy has already travelled sooooo much with me, it's incredible. That's probably also a reason why it looks so beat up, so sorry for that. I grapped for this palette aswell for my daytime looks as for nighttime occasions, as it allows you to create a very decent look and to go for a more bold eye aswell. Perfect all-rounder!


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