It took me some time, but I finally came around writing my skincare post! (*yayyyy*) The reason why it took me so long is because I didn't want to write about and recommend products that I'm not 100 % sure about. But (finally), I've got into a certain rhythm which I wanted to share with you.

I just quickly also wanted to mention that I have a combinated skin type, which means that I get quite oily around my forehead, nose and chin-area while getting really dry patches on my cheeks and (sometimes even) around my eyes (which nevertheless isn't a typical caracteristic of this skin type, I guess, but more of a personal 'problem').

First things first : I wash my face twice a day (morning and evening obviously) with this Pure Active Gel by Garnier, that tends to imperfections. It has a very liquid consistency which I wasn't so sure about in first place, but I get along with it quite good in the meantime. Also, it says on the product that it is supposed to remove makeup, which I can't recommend, as it doesn't remove everything and you're basically only pushing your makeup even deeper into your pores by doing so.
So to remove my makeup in the evening, I use the Make-Up Remover for under the shower by Nivea. It has a very milky consistency (which I personally like most to remove my makeup), and is used (as the name suggests already) under the shower. In my opinion, it does its job quite nice, and is really easy and quick to use, which is what I am searching in a makeup removing product.

The second step would be to moisture the skin. For this step, I use two different products, one in the morning, the other in the evening.

So in the morning, I go for a lighter cream which has to serve as a base for my makeup aswell. For this, I use the Antioxidant Facial Cream by DayTox. It has a very light consistency, that soaks in really quickly ; is full of beautiful natural ingredients, such as Sheabutter and Amaranth Oil for example ; and is supposed to serve as a kind of 'detox' for the skin. I use this on a daily basis, because I really like how quickly my skin absorbs it, so I can begin to apply my makeup just a few seconds after. I also find it really moisturizing, and for this little price point, I fell in love quite early with the product.

In the evening, I like to use something even more hydrating, like the Totes Meer Salbe by Schaebens, that is a german brand, available for example at DM in Germany. I bought this cream on recommendation and have had no regrets. It doesn't make me break out while being really moisturizing and gentle to the skin. I also use it around my eyes as sort of an eye cream (also in the morning) and I have to say that it's the only cream that really gets my dry patches away (and believe me when I say that I have tried out almost every product that I only could find).

Last but definitely not least, I get sometimes really bad spots as a result for unhealthy food habits, stress, a certain time every month that every girl / woman knows and the oily parts of my skin.
For these cases, I like to use this Essential Oil 100% by Tea Tree Skincare. I like to mix a few drops with water, put it onto a cotton pad and apply it to whereever it's needed. It helps instantly, and I love the idea of using natural based products instead of chemicals on my skin. Also I have noticed that my skin react much better to natural products. But I have to warn you : this stuff smells really really strong, and bad, so if you have problems with strong scents, I'm not sure if you'll love this as much.
You can get this one for example at Boots or Superdrug (that's where I got mine).



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