First Impressions // Maybelline Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick

Initially, I had planned to publish this post on Valentine's Day, as I found it quite appropriate (don't ask me why), but eventually my computer broke down before I got to save it, so the whole post was lost, and so was my motivation to rewrite the whole text immediately after this incident.

Nevertheless, I don't want to deprive you from my (oh so important and professional...or not) opinion on the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick that I most recently (finally) bought and tried out for the first time on Valentine's Day. As I haven't used it since then, this counts as a first impressions I'd say, which makes this post officially my first ever first impressions post (yay).

So, I actually wanted to try these as soon as they got out. One of the reasons why I felt so drawn towards them probably was the nice range of color and the fact that I have loved(and still love) every single lip product that I have tried from Maybelline. And I have to say that, despite the quite negative reviews that I found while researching about this product, I more or less quite like it. I say 'more or less', because there actually is one really disturbing aspect about it, and that's the name. Sounds strange? Okay, let me explain. 

I bought this liquid lipstick thinking I'd get a really beautifully pigmented, matte liquid lipstick that would (hopefully) stay for a really long time on my lips while not drying them out too much. Don't get me wrong, I got a beautifully pigmented (can we talk about the color? love love love! oh and by the way, this one is called Orange Shot 25) liquid lipstick that stays on for some time (not as long as I hoped it would, but it's okay), doesn't dry my lips out, looks nice and is affortable (price point : around 6 Euro), but what I didn't get was the matte effect, as you probably can see from the multitude of pictures I took to illustrate you what I mean. So why would you call a product Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick if it isn't even matte? Don't get it, sorry.

Conclusion? It's okay. I love the color, and am quite happy with the application, the durability and the way it looks, so I'll definitely continue to wear it. But don't listen to the name too much, or elsewise you'll be just as disappointed as I was when I first applied it.



My favourite hair care products

I think if anybody would once ask me what I like most about myself (in terms of appearance), I'd probably answer with 'my hair', as it grows really really fast and isn't sensitive at all. I'm not sure why this is the case, but I thought that it would be helpful to share a few of my favorite hair care items with you, as they surely help with the good health and quick growing process of the hair.

To begin with, I use my Gliss Kur Total Repair Wonder-Serum-Spray by Schwarzkopf after each and every hair wash, and before brushing through the hair. It helps to unknot the hair, so that you can get easier through it with the hair brush. I'm sure that you have heart this a hundred times already, but you really do have to be careful with wet hair as it's the time where it is most fragile. Such a spray helps you not take too much of a toll on it, so that it doesn't break as quick.

My second step would be to use the Gliss Kur 6 Miracles Oil Essence by Schwarzkopf, and massage it into the point of my hair and even a little above. For this, I seperate my hair into two equal sections and use two pumps of the oil for each section. If you have problems with greasy hair, only use a little amount of the oil in the very tips of your hair, to prevent your hair from becoming even more greasy.

I don't blowdry my hair every time I wash it. Actually, I almost never do, because I'm wayyyy to lazy. But on the rare occasions where I have to, I never skip the heat protecting spray. Normally, I grab for the one that you can see on the picture above, which is the Heat-Protect Styling-Spray by Syoss.

After styling my hair with a hair straightener or a curling iron (which is just as rare as blowdrying it, but hey, just in case you were wondering, I wanted to have mentionned it), I use a tiny amount of this Slippery Elm Polishing Gloss by Supernatural Ecoly Formulas. I bought this one quite some time ago at my hairdresser, and it costed me around 30 Euros, which I personally find wayyyy to much to spend on a hair product. But for some strange reason, I choose to splurge on it that day, and to be honest : I don't even regret it. You really do need max. a pea-sized amount of it each time, and your hair feels like silk afterwards, soooo splurge! Really, just do it, splurge!

For the summertime, I love to enhance my natural wavey texture by using a mousse or a sea salt spray.

For the mousse, I always go for the Foxy Curls - Extreme Curl Mousse by Tigi - Bed Head. I massage it into the wet hair and let it airdry, so that the curls come out even more.

For the sea salt spray, I discovered this little gem called Surf Spray by Bumble and bumble last summer. I know what you're thinking right now : 'Are you serious? This thing has been all over the Internet for years now?' But I really had my concerns splurging this much money on a hair product. I had already almost forgot it when I came along a miniature-size with 50 ml in Sephora (France) while on vacation, so I had to have it. It really is quite nice, gives a beautiful texture to your hair and makes you look like you've come 'straight outta' beach (get it? ...yeah okay, bad joke, I know). So if you feel like splurging a little, here you go, that's the product of your choice!



valentine's day makeup look

I'm pretty sure that by now every blogger and/or Youtuber has uploaded at least one Valentine's Day-themed post/video, so I thought that maybe you would even need one more inspiration to do your make-up on every single's worst day of the year? Yeah? Okay, so here we go!


   # Catrice : All Matt plus Makeup (in 015 Vanilla Beige)
   # Maybelline : Dream Satin Fluide (in 21 Beige DorĂ© Nude)

   # Maybelline : Fit Me! Concealer (in 10)

   # MAC : Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (in Medium)

   # Maybelline : Fit Me! Anti-Shine Stick (in 315 Soft Honey)
   # Benefit : Hoola Bronzer


   # Urban Decay : Eyeshadow in Alien (from beauty with an edge Palette)
   # Catrice : Absolute Eye Colour (in 570 Plum Up The Jam)
   # KIKO : Infinity Eyeshadow (in 233)


   # Maybelline : Brow Drama (in Medium Brown)

   # Maybelline : the falsies Push Up Drama (in Black)
   # Covergirl : lashblast fusion (in Very Black)

   # Inglot : AMC Multicolour System Highlighting Powder (in 83)

   # KIKO : Creamy Colour Lipliner (in 301)
   # MAC : Satin Lipstick (in Brave)
   # MAC : Frost Lipstick (in Angel)

So let's quickly wrap this up by talking about how I got the final look!

As my skin is really bad right now and has quite a strange color tone (in terms that I don't normally have this skin tone), I mixed two foundations that I quite like (but I prefer the Maybelline one) to achieve the perfect shade and give a nice, even look to my complexion. For the rest, do I even have to explain what I did with concealer and powder? I then used the cream stick to contour my face and topped the whole thing off by using my beloved Hoola bronzer. To give my face even more dimension, I used a highlighter on the high points of my face (cheekbones, nose, brow bone, upper lip).

After my foundation, I used Alien all over my lid and blended it out. For my crease, I used the KIKO shade, trying to blend it out in a sort of V-shape in the outter corners of my eyes. I then used the last mentionned shadow by Catrice to give my lower lash line some definition. To finish my eye look off, I used two different mascaras on my upper lash line, and a little on my outter, bottom lash line.

As you probably recognized already if you have looked at my other makeup looks aswell, I'm quite lazy in terms of brows, as I only use my tinted gel by Maybelline, and that's it.
Then, I went in with a lipliner to contour and fill my lips in before using Angel in the center of my lip and Brave on the outter corners, blending both colors out nicely so that no harsh lines can be seen.

And tadaaaaa! That's it. Easy, isn't it?

Have a nice week and an even nicer Valentine's Day!

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