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To complement my other, hair-themed post (where I show you my favorite hair care products), I wanted to give a few random tipps for healthy hair that I follow (un)consciously. So I thought, if they help me so much with my hair, why not share them with you so that they may be helpful to you, too?

1. reduce blowdrying to a minimum + don't use too much heat on your hair

I know. By now, you must've heart this one about a billion times, but it really makes a huge difference. I figured out that if you don't use your blowdryer as much, but wash your hair in the evening, do some braids (or not) and just go to bed, your hair will be just perfectly fine the other day, it doesn't get greasy as quick, and it will be healthier over a longer period of time. Oh and if you have to use heat on your hair, don't forget to prep it with some heat-protector!

2. don't wash it too often

The more you wash your hair, the quicker it gets greasy and sensitive. It's a vicious circle that many people (especially girls) are in, and I totally get why. Having dance classes almost every day, I know the temptation of washing my hair every day. But it really is sooo bad for it.
That's why I figured out that I would try and wash it only every third day. On the first day, I just let it open in its 'natural' form ; the second day, I put some dry shampoo in it (the ones from Baptiste are really nice) ; and the last day, I put it up into a bun or a ponytail or something like that, before washing it.

3. wash you hair in the evening

If you wash your hair in the evening, you normally have more time to care for it (with masks, conditionner, post-wash products, etc.). You also aren't as tempted to blowdry it, as you can simply put it into braids or a bun to go to sleep. The new day you have some waves, your hair is dry and you prevented the damage that the heat would've caused.

4. more is less

I don't remember who told me about the following tipp, but I honestly have to say that it has changed my hair game forever. Using too many products can cause more damage than it actually prevents, so I guess that the motto for hair care is (just as for skin care, too) : More is less! Normally, one should use up to 3 products (max.) at a time, so that the hair can soak those in and not be over-nourished (which makes it greasy again, so you have to wash it more often, etc. You get the idea, I guess)

5. sleep

Who doesn't know the bothering tangles that one often have in the morning? I always try to braid my hair or put it up into a loose ponytail before I go to bed. This way, I don't have the tangles in the morning, and I even get some nice waves. I guess that is what one would call a win-win-situation.

6. baby hair

I often had the problem with the little baby-hairs that didn't want to go into my ponytail and just kept standing out on every side, no matter how much products or/and bobbypins I used. One very simple and quick way of preventing this 'baby hair' from sticking out is to use the left-over hand cream on your hands and simply go over the little hair. This way, it'll stick to your hair, I promise.

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