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I figured out that it would be quite fun to talk all about eyes, or more specifically about eye creams. I only recently understood the importance of eye creams, as I always thought that they were only used for anti-aging purposes which I'm not really into at my age. But after consulting a doctor because I had really bad dry patches all around my eyes, I started using an eye cream each and every morning and evening to prevent dryness and it really helped me. So I thought it could be helpful to talk you throught these 2 eye creams that are both from Clinique and compare them for you. Therefor I have divided the comparison into 3 different categories that I'm focusing on for this review : price and packaging, promised effect, and final thoughts.

Price and Packaging

The Pep-Start Eye Cream is normally sold in a 15ml tube for around 25€. The All About Eyes Eye Cream however is around 10€ more expensive for the same amount of product.

Packaging-wise, the Pep-Start one is available in a tube with a small massage ball that is supposed to make the product glide on easier and increase blood circulation. The All About Eyes cream is in a classic pod where you have to dip your finger in to then apply the eye cream. 

- For me personally, the Pep-Start Eye Cream wins this category, because I'm more a fan of a quick application, and it's cheaper. Nevertheless, I think that this one is a very personal one, so everybody should think about what they personally like better. -

Promised effect

The Pep-Start Eye Cream promises to reduce dark circles and little fatigue and stress wrinkles, aswell as to make your makeup glide on more simple and even. It also is supposed to make you look more awake and fresh obviously, and to be the perfect companion for an on-the-go touch-up.

The All About Eyes Eye Cream on the other hand, promises to reduce puffiness, dark circles and little wrinkles, aswell as to make the eye-makeup stay on for a longer period of time.

- I don't struggle with really bad dark circles ; nevertheless, I don't get very much sleep these last couple of weeks so I really could see the effects over a longer period of time.In my opinion, the All About Eyes Cream did a better job at this one as I could actually see a difference before and after using it. - 

Final thoughts

I actually have to consent to all the good things that beauty and skincare lovers all around the planet say about the All About Eyes Cream, which for me is the winner. Don't get me wrong, I really like both of these and I'll continue using them both, but I do like the nourrishing effect and the fact that it visibly reduces dark circles and puffiness better on the All About Eyes Cream. 

What is your eye cream of choice?



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