The second series I'd like to talk to you about is Reign. The series just concluded this month, so I thought it might be a good idea to give you some input about it if you ever wondered what it is/was about.

The series

The American show is classed as a historical fiction series based around the historical figure Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots and her life in the 16th century at French Court. Everybody who's a little interesed in History knows that the French Court was widely known for its intrigues, drama and gossip, which is really what awaits Mary when she first arrives at Court where she's supposed to wed the French Dauphin ( so king-to-be, if you want to call him that way ) Francis to whom she was promised since she was a little girl. Reign depicts then Mary's whole life from her return to French Court up to her death, showing all the difficulties and dilemmas she's confronted with from a very young age on and giving the public a good insight in what it could've been like to be a queen, a wife and a woman in the 16th century.
The show, consisting of 4 seasons with each between 18 and 22 episodes à more or less 45 min., was mainly received very well by the public and even won 2 awards.

The historical figure

The main protagonist of the show is Mary Stuart who ( as I already mentioned ) was Queen of Scotland from 1542 to 1567. Due to political and religious conflicts in her nation, she grew up in France near her bridegroom-to-be and Dauphin Francis. The young queen was often described as beautiful, funny and full of 'joie de vivre', yet quite stubborn and pious, which led to a lot of uproar from the moment she returned to protestant Scotland on. Her life was mainly marked by her rivalry with her cousin, the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I of England, as they both had the claim to the English throne by birthright. The whole conflict between the two also is a main plot theme from the 3rd season of Reign on, showing the different perspectives on the historically undeniable actions. After a failed attempt on Elizabeth, Mary was imprisoned for about two decades before being executed on order of the Virgin Queen.

Personal opinion

I watched Reign for the past few month and I fell for it from the first episode on. The cast perfectly matched my expectations. I was especially intrigued by the performances of Adelaide Kane, who played Mary Stuart and Megan Follows, known as Catherine de' Medici in the show. They both played their caracters masterfully in my opinion, which made the whole series very interesting and reliable, even though the royals of the 16th century weren't quite what I would normally feel most empathy for. I really enjoyed how Reign brings vividely figures to life that one normally only knows from History class, and shows the whole train of thought behind their actions which makes them even more reliable and their actions more comprehensible.
Of course, I can't write about the series without mentioning the beautiful clothes and costumes, aswell as the breathtaking settings. I often read online that people weren't very happy about the outfits as they aren't always historically fitting. Yet the cast has pointed out several times that the storyline aswell as the whole execution weren't meant to be a one-to-one reproduction of History, but moreso that the show was only based and inspired by it, and that they took some 'creative freedom' with their outfits, which for me, was more than okay.


I would definitely recommend to give this one a shot, as I'm pretty sure that it's a show that appeals to a large variety of people. No matter if you're into History or into fashion or even drama, Reign covers pretty much every aspect that you could search for in a series. I also think that even though the storyline isn't one-to-one the exact story of Mary Stuart, you definitely will learn a lot about society and the royal class from the 16th century, aswell as about historical figures such as Mary or Elizabeth.



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