zara haul pt.1 - blue and white

As I already announced on my Twitter, I had done a little bit of shopping over these last couple of weeks. While doing so, I found out 2 things about my current shopping behaviour : 
  1. From all the shops I went into, I felt most attracted to Zara's collection.
  2. I have a slight faible for 2 main trends ( that I used as guide line to divide my acquisitions into 2 seperate posts aswell ). 
Here we go with the first part of the haul dedicated to the colours white and blue!

ZARA - Romper - 49,95€

This long, wide-legged, striped romper caught my eye instantly. I love the little ruffle details around the chest area, the large straps and the golden button detail in the front. Even though I have to get the straps taken in a little, I find it to fit beautifully in the chest, waist and butt-area, so I can't complain.

ZARA - Off-the-shoulder Top - 39,95€

May I present : my first off-the-shoulder top! Even though I really like this trend and always watched others looking gorgeous in it, I always went straight past the off-the-shoulder rayon, simply because I  had never found a comfortable top to wear. This has changed when I saw this blue and white striped blouse at Zara the other day. I instantly had fallen for the sleeves and the fit of it so much that I even was willing to ignore the fact that it's off-the-shoulder.

ZARA - Basic 'Ecru' T-Shirt - 5,99€
ZARA - White T-Shirt - 7,99€

These 2 are self-explanatory, I guess. I needed T-Shirts, these were on Sale and looked cute. I hope for each and everyone of you that you'll still be able to find one of these because honestly, I've forgotten how life was before I got these. They go with everything in my wardrobe, are really comfortable, yet look somehow a little more special than a simple, uni-coloured T-Shirt. Big love!

ZARA - Coat - 39,99€

And yes, I got a coat in the summer. No regrets! Of course I haven't worn it out until now as it's way too hot for it, but as it was on Sale, I simply couldn't resist and I'm pretty sure that I'll get a whole lot of wear out of it as soon as the temperatures fall again. Regardless the fact that I'm addicted to coats, I was intrigued by the beautiful ruffle detail that goes all around the waist aswell as by the strange seam around the collar, the front of the coat and the arms. So here you go, I bought a coat in the summer.

Elisabetta Franchi - Body - 205€
Elisabetta Franchi - Jeans Skirt - 215€

Last but not least, I got these 2 beauties from Elisabetta Franchi. The body has quite a deep cleavage, which it balances out with long arms and quite a simple cut for the rest of the piece. The bow detail on the back of the mini-skirt perfectly matches with the body. A pair of sandals, a hat and a picnic bag, and you're good to go!

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