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Have you ever gone on a date which, in your opinion, went quite well, but the guy/girl hasn't texted you back ever since, which made you feel unwell, used or self-conscious? Have you ever heard gossip about yourself that made you question your actions? Have you ever entered a room where what seemed like hundreds of eyes observed you, passing judgment on every piece of clothing that you wear, every step you take, every movement you make?

Or, let´s talk in a more general way: have you ever become more self-conscious or even unsure about yourself and your choices because of other people? I have, and I´m pretty sure that I´m not the only one. And now, take a moment and think about why that´s the case. Why do we even care that much? Why does our own vision changes depending on other people´s consent or discontent?

I had a conversation with a few friends the other day about the first question that I come to ask you and about the fact that I didn't feel hurt or used in any way. You know what their reaction was? They didn't believe me, which triggered off quite a few thoughts on that subject. And really, why didn't I react to such a behaviour? Why wasn't I hurt, angry or at least a little huffy? Why did I care that little?

I can´t really give a proper answer to that question, or more those questions ( which are the main reason why this post goes under the little train of thought category than common knowledge ), but I truly believe that one of the many reasons is that I´ve learnt to care less about people´s opinion and their behavior towards me. I can´t say that I don´t care at all - of course, I get hurt when I hear people talking bad things or passing judgment over me, but I guess that I´ve learnt to deal with it and more or less ignore it, because honestly, at the end of the day it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what others think of you, it doesn't matter what they talk about you, and it doesn't matter how they behave towards you. All that shouldn't define how you see yourself and how you feel about things.

People talk - that´s simply what they do and neither a change in your behaviour nor a forced-on persona based on your deep self-reflection will change something. I know that it sounds easier than it is, but honestly: do you! You don´t have to please anybody except for yourself, and if you´re happy with the person you are and the choices you make, then you seem to be on the right track.

Don´t let anybody tell you how you should behave, feel or look, because, at the end of the day, YOU are the only one who has to live with the outcome for a lifetime. So if you feel like texting the cute guy you met the other day, then you should definitely text him. And if you want to wear a pink, fluffy jumper ( I got you girl! ), then hell yes, go for it! Because, what´s the worst thing that can happen? That people say no or pass judgment on you? Wow, that´s nothing compared to what could happen if you´d simply go out there and live your best life. I don´t mean to sound yolo or like a hippie. I´m just a firm believer that you only have a very short amount of time on this earth that has to offer you sooo much, and it would be a shame if you would spend your time wondering about everything other people think, do or say, instead of enjoying yourself and doing everything you would like to do. Also, I do think that you should never focus as much on your surrounding as you should focus on yourself because your happiness and your wellbeing are the most important thing and shouldn't depend on other people as a consequence. Hope we´re on the same page for that one.

Have a nice day, everybody! xx


milk and roses

May I present: the result of me lying one and a half hour in a mix of milk, water and rose petals. Sounds weird? I have to admit that it was/is, but the result was totally worth it, at least in my opinion. 

The pictures were taken by JPShoot, a friend of mine who recently got more into photography and came up with this weird, but really striking idea. I´ve never done something comparable and honestly had no idea what to expect, mainly because it was my second shoot ever (see the result of the first one here) so I´m not used to standing in front of the lens (except for quick outfit shootings with my mum or my best friend, but does that really count? haha). 

Nevertheless, I´m personally more than happy with the results, so thank you, Jeff, for making me look like a gracious person while sitting around in a white shirt, soaked with milk and water, wet hair, and a full face of makeup that I usually don´t even wear on a night out - I really appreciate it. 
And I´m sure he would appreciate if you would look into his Instagram page and share some love!

Have a nice evening! xx



Nathalie du Pasquier @ Camden Arts Centre, London

When I read in Harper´s Bazaar about the upcoming Nathalie du Pasquier exhibition Other Rooms, I decided to go and have a look at it, simply because I´ve never been to a Pop Art exhibition of any kind and I really wanted to see what it looks like.

The exhibition is still on until 14th January at the Camden Arts Centre in London. To my own astonishment, the entry was completely free as well, so there´s no excuse to not go and have a look at it.

Personally, I think that I liked the geometrical aspect of the whole exhibition most. The fact that you enter the gallery which is separated into different rooms again, reminded me of the Russian doll principle which made the whole construction of the exhibition even more interesting for me.

As a conclusion, I´d say if ever you are interested in Pop Art, architecture or simple want to see something different and new, this is definitely the exhibition for you!



The Happiest Award

Scrolling through my Twitter yesterday, I found that the lovely Tjasa had nominated for the Happiest Award, which was created by Sílvia first and has since then spread already a little love around. Since I´ve never been nominated for such an award beforehand and I found the idea really cute, I wanted to share my answers today as sort of a little motivational boost before the hard reality of Mondays hit us tomorrow and the new week starts.


  • Share the rules and the award logo
  • Answer all the questions
  • Thank the person who has nominated you and don´t forget to provide their Blog link
  • Name the person who created the award and provide her Blog link as well
  • Nominate 5 - 15 people
  • Let all your nominees know that you have nominated them
  • Share your favorite post from your own Blog

The questions

This award is about happiness so all the questions are related to it! Why not talk about the things that make us happy? Can you tell us your favorites ...

PLACE - If you would´ve asked me this question 2 month ago, I would´ve probably answered you : London. But now, I´m living in London - and don´t get me wrong, I still love London more than everything and am so grateful to be able to live and study here, but - I think I´ll have to go with home as my happy place, simply because I miss my family, friends and (most importantly) my dog so much.

FILM / TV SHOW - I can´t really decide on a favorite film, so I´ll go with the first film of The Hunger Games and the first Pirates of the Caribbean. Overall, I think I´m more into TV series right now, my favorites being Gossip Girl (obviously?), The 100 (I don´t even know what to say except that it´s genius) and Reign (Adelaide Kane fan over here - click here to see the post I wrote when I first finished the show). I plan on writing a favorite TV shows post in the near future though, so I prefer not to reveal too much already.

SONG - This one changes all the time, but right now I get super excited whenever hear Camila Cabello´s Havana or OMG, as well as New Rules by Dua Lipa.

ACTIVITY - I don´t even have to think about this one : dancing. I have danced for 15 years in Luxembourg, which is pretty much my whole life basically. So whenever I get to go to a dance class or even just meet the people I´ve grown up in my dance school with, I get super excited - especially since I´ve moved away and don´t see them on a daily basis anymore.

DRINK - Usually I´d go for Sprite or Coca Cola probably (which I really try to drink less ... not that it´s working out, but you know, we´re working on it), but right now I´m at my happiest when I get to chill with a cup of tea which is probably the British influence over here haha. So get me some Twinnings Earl Grey Tea and I´ll be forever grateful.

FOOD - That´s a tough one. So even though I feel like I´m being very exclusive and boring, I´ll go with Pizza and Sushi.

HOLIDAY - I can´t ... I´m sorry but I honestly can´t pick one. I´ve been very lucky to have grown up in a household where everybody loved traveling so I´ve been to quite a few places at a very young age already. I can´t pick only one holiday, but I can say that whenever I get to visit Paris or Odessa (which is theoretically not a holiday but more so a I-go-home-and-visit-my-family), I´m at my happiest.

BOOK - Oh God... I loved The Hunger Games Trilogy, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, so I´m always happy when I find the time to reread them or even just a little passage out of them. But since I read quite a lot, I can´t really pick one single book, so I´m sorry about that.

Name three things that make you happy

  1. Dogs - especially my own 
  2. Flicking through the pages of every newly purchased magazine
  3. Food - I´m the happiest when I can combine food and Netflix though, but food on its own is pretty good already aswell

My favorite post

This is quite hard to pick. I think I mostly loved the content I posted during my holiday in Vienna last summer - if I´d have to go with one post, I´d probably go with the White Dress in Belvedere. If it was for one of my most recent posts, I´d choose My Forever Love - London or even An Hour in Paris. Sorry for giving more than one post, but I really can´t pick a single one.

My nominees

Thank you, Sílvia, for creating such a positive and cute award. And a big thanks to Tjasa of course, for nominating me - I feel very honored. I really enjoyed participating and can´t wait to read the answers of my nominees. Hope you´ll have just as much fun with it as I had!

Have nice (rest) evening and a good start into the next week!


5 things I hadn't thought of before moving to uni

It has been quite a while since my last post went online. The reason for that was partly the fact that basically my whole life changed over the last month or two, and that I didn't have Wifi until yesterday. So I apologize for that, but I promise that I will try to post on a more regular basis in the future.

Anyway, I thought that it would be quite funny if I´d share 5 things that I hadn't thought of before moving 567,6km away from home.

  1. Paying my bills - So obvious, I know. But honestly, having lived with my parents my whole life I have thought about so many changes that awaited me, but I´ve not thought for a single minute about the fact that I have to pay my bills like every other adult on this planet now. So imagine my face when I got my first bills for gas, water and electricity. It was probably just as funny as you imagine it to be.
  2. Getting Wifi - This was a big one. I didn't realize what difficult and long procedure getting Internet would become. So if you don´t want to renounce to Wifi for about a month and if you want to save your nerves, sort things out with your Internet provider of choice as quick as possible.
  3. Having enough food at home at any time - or basically : not starving. I have to admit that I´m probably the most incapable cook in the world right now, so when I realized that I´d move away from home, I knew that I needed to do some efforts. What I´ve forgotten though was the fact that there has to be food in your fridge in order to cook. So make a plan for your food shopping if you don´t want to end up eating only McDonald´s or having nothing but some ham and cheese with no bread for dinner.
  4. Finding shops that you like - I´m not talking about clothes though. I think that pretty much everybody is aware of the fact that London is an amazing place to shop clothes of any size and price. I´m talking about shops for home decor, food and other things that you probably will need to survive. Moving here, I really didn't think about the fact that there won´t be my usual grocery stores, and it took my quite some time to find stores that I personally like shopping at. But slowly we´re getting there, I guess.
  5. Being homesick - Of course I knew that I´d miss home, my family and my friends, but I wasn't aware of how homesick one could get. Especially the first 2 weeks were really tough since I still didn't know anything and / or anybody from around here, which made me feel even more alone. I´ve been here for a month now, which still isn´t a very long time, yet I begin to feel more at home around here instead of having the constant wish to buy a ticket straight back to Luxembourg.
I´m not going to lie : I still feel like a big baby that somehow ended up in an gigantic city and has no clue what it´s doing. But you know, eventually we´ll get there and everything will fall into place.

To be continued ... 
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