5 things I hadn't thought of before moving to uni

It has been quite a while since my last post went online. The reason for that was partly the fact that basically my whole life changed over the last month or two, and that I didn't have Wifi until yesterday. So I apologize for that, but I promise that I will try to post on a more regular basis in the future.

Anyway, I thought that it would be quite funny if I´d share 5 things that I hadn't thought of before moving 567,6km away from home.

  1. Paying my bills - So obvious, I know. But honestly, having lived with my parents my whole life I have thought about so many changes that awaited me, but I´ve not thought for a single minute about the fact that I have to pay my bills like every other adult on this planet now. So imagine my face when I got my first bills for gas, water and electricity. It was probably just as funny as you imagine it to be.
  2. Getting Wifi - This was a big one. I didn't realize what difficult and long procedure getting Internet would become. So if you don´t want to renounce to Wifi for about a month and if you want to save your nerves, sort things out with your Internet provider of choice as quick as possible.
  3. Having enough food at home at any time - or basically : not starving. I have to admit that I´m probably the most incapable cook in the world right now, so when I realized that I´d move away from home, I knew that I needed to do some efforts. What I´ve forgotten though was the fact that there has to be food in your fridge in order to cook. So make a plan for your food shopping if you don´t want to end up eating only McDonald´s or having nothing but some ham and cheese with no bread for dinner.
  4. Finding shops that you like - I´m not talking about clothes though. I think that pretty much everybody is aware of the fact that London is an amazing place to shop clothes of any size and price. I´m talking about shops for home decor, food and other things that you probably will need to survive. Moving here, I really didn't think about the fact that there won´t be my usual grocery stores, and it took my quite some time to find stores that I personally like shopping at. But slowly we´re getting there, I guess.
  5. Being homesick - Of course I knew that I´d miss home, my family and my friends, but I wasn't aware of how homesick one could get. Especially the first 2 weeks were really tough since I still didn't know anything and / or anybody from around here, which made me feel even more alone. I´ve been here for a month now, which still isn´t a very long time, yet I begin to feel more at home around here instead of having the constant wish to buy a ticket straight back to Luxembourg.
I´m not going to lie : I still feel like a big baby that somehow ended up in an gigantic city and has no clue what it´s doing. But you know, eventually we´ll get there and everything will fall into place.

To be continued ... 

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