The Happiest Award

Scrolling through my Twitter yesterday, I found that the lovely Tjasa had nominated for the Happiest Award, which was created by Sílvia first and has since then spread already a little love around. Since I´ve never been nominated for such an award beforehand and I found the idea really cute, I wanted to share my answers today as sort of a little motivational boost before the hard reality of Mondays hit us tomorrow and the new week starts.


  • Share the rules and the award logo
  • Answer all the questions
  • Thank the person who has nominated you and don´t forget to provide their Blog link
  • Name the person who created the award and provide her Blog link as well
  • Nominate 5 - 15 people
  • Let all your nominees know that you have nominated them
  • Share your favorite post from your own Blog

The questions

This award is about happiness so all the questions are related to it! Why not talk about the things that make us happy? Can you tell us your favorites ...

PLACE - If you would´ve asked me this question 2 month ago, I would´ve probably answered you : London. But now, I´m living in London - and don´t get me wrong, I still love London more than everything and am so grateful to be able to live and study here, but - I think I´ll have to go with home as my happy place, simply because I miss my family, friends and (most importantly) my dog so much.

FILM / TV SHOW - I can´t really decide on a favorite film, so I´ll go with the first film of The Hunger Games and the first Pirates of the Caribbean. Overall, I think I´m more into TV series right now, my favorites being Gossip Girl (obviously?), The 100 (I don´t even know what to say except that it´s genius) and Reign (Adelaide Kane fan over here - click here to see the post I wrote when I first finished the show). I plan on writing a favorite TV shows post in the near future though, so I prefer not to reveal too much already.

SONG - This one changes all the time, but right now I get super excited whenever hear Camila Cabello´s Havana or OMG, as well as New Rules by Dua Lipa.

ACTIVITY - I don´t even have to think about this one : dancing. I have danced for 15 years in Luxembourg, which is pretty much my whole life basically. So whenever I get to go to a dance class or even just meet the people I´ve grown up in my dance school with, I get super excited - especially since I´ve moved away and don´t see them on a daily basis anymore.

DRINK - Usually I´d go for Sprite or Coca Cola probably (which I really try to drink less ... not that it´s working out, but you know, we´re working on it), but right now I´m at my happiest when I get to chill with a cup of tea which is probably the British influence over here haha. So get me some Twinnings Earl Grey Tea and I´ll be forever grateful.

FOOD - That´s a tough one. So even though I feel like I´m being very exclusive and boring, I´ll go with Pizza and Sushi.

HOLIDAY - I can´t ... I´m sorry but I honestly can´t pick one. I´ve been very lucky to have grown up in a household where everybody loved traveling so I´ve been to quite a few places at a very young age already. I can´t pick only one holiday, but I can say that whenever I get to visit Paris or Odessa (which is theoretically not a holiday but more so a I-go-home-and-visit-my-family), I´m at my happiest.

BOOK - Oh God... I loved The Hunger Games Trilogy, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, so I´m always happy when I find the time to reread them or even just a little passage out of them. But since I read quite a lot, I can´t really pick one single book, so I´m sorry about that.

Name three things that make you happy

  1. Dogs - especially my own 
  2. Flicking through the pages of every newly purchased magazine
  3. Food - I´m the happiest when I can combine food and Netflix though, but food on its own is pretty good already aswell

My favorite post

This is quite hard to pick. I think I mostly loved the content I posted during my holiday in Vienna last summer - if I´d have to go with one post, I´d probably go with the White Dress in Belvedere. If it was for one of my most recent posts, I´d choose My Forever Love - London or even An Hour in Paris. Sorry for giving more than one post, but I really can´t pick a single one.

My nominees

Thank you, Sílvia, for creating such a positive and cute award. And a big thanks to Tjasa of course, for nominating me - I feel very honored. I really enjoyed participating and can´t wait to read the answers of my nominees. Hope you´ll have just as much fun with it as I had!

Have nice (rest) evening and a good start into the next week!


  1. Great personal sharing! congrats for the award, I love these kind of post back then. It allows us to share more about our humanity side. PS: Paris is always a good idea!
    instagram @grace_njio

    1. Thank you! I got really excited when I saw that I was nominated haha
      Yeah, it´s such a beautiful way to spread some support and share some love!:)

  2. Wow that's an amazing award. Great to know about it.
    Much Love,
    Zarrah | The Bandwagon Chic

    1. Thank you - loved the idea behind it aswell! xx


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