le beret

I usually consider myself to be everything but a hat person. Classical flap hats, sporty baseball hats, cosy knitted hat - I love how all of these styles look on other people, but I´ve never been the one pulling them off. The first (and only) time I was really intrigued by a certain style of hats was when I saw the French-inspired beret surfacing again a few months ago. Since then it has literally taken over the blogger scene as well as the streets. After reading Robyn Poppy´s A/W Layering post where she wears a beige example of the trend, I decided to finally go for it and purchase a beige and a red one from Topshop (click here).

For this look, I paired it with a simple, dark blue striped turtleneck by Comma, a pair of light washed, high-waisted mom jeans by Topshop and my favourite, black everyday booties by New Look. I tried to keep the whole outfit very simple since the red beret is already quite a big statement on its own. 

Conclusion? I´m obsessed, so hopefully, the beret is one to stick around for some time. And who knows? Maybe this is my personal beginning of a newly discovered love for hats?

Jumper - - - Comma
Jeans - - - Topshop
Shoes - - - New Look

Belt - - - Diesel
Beret - - - Topshop


  1. You look so Parisian. I love the color of that beret.

    1. Thank you haha! Me too! I usually don't dare to go for such bright colours but I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it:)


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