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Not too long ago, I was nominated by lovely Margaret from Cady Quotidienne for the Liebster Award. I really appreciate it, and can only recommend you check out her blog as well as her Liebster Award post. I find Margaret to be a very inspiring and positive person and blogger, which makes me feel even more grateful to get this nomination from her and to follow her journey over on her blog.

I could ramble on for hours, but since I don´t want you to fall asleep while reading, let´s get into the questions without further ado!

Favorite part of blogging?

I genuinely love to be able to create my own content without having to obey restrictions or commands from somebody else. When I talk about the process of creating content, I´m talking about everything from brainstorming ideas over taking photographs up to bringing everything together in form of a post. Nevertheless, as a good Fashion Journalism student, I probably have to say that writing is my favourite part of the whole process.

What would your superpower be if you could choose?

Even though I´d love to be able to fly, I´ll probably have to go with being invisible - very basic, I know. But let´s be real, how amazing would it be to actually be able to walk around, have a look at everything and everybody without being noticed? I imagine it to be not only a very practical superpower but also a really fun one.

Preferred vacation type / destination?

Summer, beach and sunshine! I´m all for the relaxing beach holidays near the sea, even though I also love to learn about people and culture and to explore the local area. I´m currently writing a post about my dream destinations, so stay tuned for that. If I had to go with one of them for this purpose, I´d definitely choose the Maldives since they look like heaven on earth with their long, white beaches and crystal-clear blue seas.

The biggest learning experience as a blogger/businesswoman?

Be passionate and patient. Blogging as well as building a community takes time. People sense if you like what you do, and if you´re passionate about what you´re doing, they will eventually follow your journey and be interested in what you´re doing. 

Favorite animal and why?

This is a random one: if we disregard the usual ones such as dogs, cats and horses, I´d say dolphins, penguins and hippos. There´s no specific reason for that - I just find them to be really interesting and cool animals.

Any hidden talents? If we had a talent show, what would you do?

I don´t think that I have any hidden talents. I´d probably dance if it came to a talent show since that´s basically everything that I´ve done for those last 15 years.

Dream project or brand to work with?

As many of you probably know by now, I´m studying Fashion Journalism in London. After my studies, I´d love to be able to stay here and maybe do some freelance work for different magazines and newspapers. I guess that every Fashion Journalist dreams of writing for the big names like Vogue or Harper´s Bazaar at one point of their career, but I would love to write for Tatler, Cosmopolitan and Glamour, especially since those, are the magazines that have accompanied me through all those years and it would be great to be able to experience them from another point of view for once.

One item in your closet that you can´t live without?

Okay, confession time: I get overly attached to my clothes and bags, which, I admit, isn´t a very healthy way of being, but I can´t really help it. So this question is really a tough one for me because I love all of my stuff, but if I would have to pick one favourite right now, I´d probably say my pink, fluffy jumper that I got a month or so ago. Not only is it a socially acceptable form of my pj´s, but it reminds me of cotton candy which is always a good thing, I guess?

Celebrity or girl crush?

I always change about this but if I would have to pick my favorites right now, I´d say Gigi Hadid, simply because she´s so beautiful and is the personification of  #girlboss (congrats for "Woman of the Year", Gigi), and Dytto, who´s a nineteen-year-old, incredibly talented popping artist and dancer. If you don´t know her already, what are you doing with your life? Drop everything you´re doing right now and check her YouTube and her Instagram out!

What do you hope readers take away from your blog?

Honestly, if one single person learns something, gets inspired or even just smiles a little because of this blog, I am more than happy. I´m in no way a pro in what I´m doing here, but you know, I try, as does every other blog in this world as well. What I love most about the blogging community is that it permits you to share what you know and even if what you´re doing seems to be the most obvious thing for you, there is a possibility that somebody out there has no idea and you could help them by simply publishing a short few sentences, and that´s what I hope that I can do.
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Since I love the idea of discovering new blogs through such award posts, I´d love the following ladies to participate as well. If you don´t know their blogs yet, you most definitely live under a rock and have a lot of things to catch up with, since they are all worth you checking them out! I nominate ...

Natalie from Garment Games
Robyn from Robyn Poppy
Julia from The Glass of Class
Imaan from The August Clause
Harriet from This Essex Girl

Your questions are ...

When did you start blogging, and why?
Where do you take your inspiration from?
On what social media platform are you the most active, and why?

Tell me one fun fact about yourself!
If you could choose to live anywhere you want, where would you want to live? And why?
What is your happiest memory as a child?
If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what meal would you choose?
What´s your favourite season of the year and why?
What do you do when you need to unwind?

Heels vs flats - what do you choose and why?
What is your go-to fall look? (makeup, hair and outfit)

I hope you all accept your award. Can´t wait to read all of your answers!


  1. I completely agree that having a blog has a benefit of writing and creating whatever you want! Congrats on your nominee! xx



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