For my birthday, which was on 29th October, I went to the film premiere of the Russian film Matilda on Sunday evening to spend some mom-daughter time. In a first instance, I wasn´t too sure whether to write about it or not, since it was in Russian, but I think that the English subtitles would even allow a person that doesn´t speak Russian at all to follow pretty well. So, let´s talk about Matilda!

The film

As I mentioned previously already, the film was produced in Russia and is considered to be a romantic drama movie, which is already announced by the subtitle "love changes everything". The Russian film producer Alexei Jefimowitsch Utschitel, short Aleksey Uchitel, is responsible for the production that is based on the script of Aleksandr Terekhov and Michael Katims. 
The plot is loosely based on the life of Russia´s last tsar Nicolas II and his supposed romantic relationship with the prima ballerina Matilda. Since there is no evidence that the tsar actually was involved in such a relationship, the film was not only criticised but also sarcastically called a "fairy tale", especially by Russian and Russian-speaking people.

Personal Opinion

I had honestly no high expectations whatsoever when I first entered the cinema, which is probably one of the main reasons why I was surprisingly very pleased with it. Even though the relationship is very romanticised and the film is full of excessive and probably a little unrealistic drama scenes, I really enjoyed the approximately 2-hours-long movie. 
The Polish actress Michalina Olszanska was more than perfect for her role of the seductive, ambitious and deeply committed prima ballerina Matilda. Also, I was really impressed with the huge effect of her stare, which was basically everything she played with during the whole film, as she didn´t do much more with the rest of her face.
The only thing I have to criticise is the end, but since I don´t want to spoiler too much, I´ll just say: they could´ve elaborated the whole finale a little more in order for the audience to follow the plot easier.


Apart from my little critic of the finale, I would definitely recommend you to give the film a go if you´re interested in a little historical-inspired film filled with romantic drama, majestic, elegant clothes and beautiful settings that make you want to visit Russia as quickly as possible. Also, let´s keep an eye on Olszanska - I can´t wait to see more of her!



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