teddybear feat. uni

Let´s start this off with a little fun fact about me: as you probably know by now, I live in London which is quite well-known to be plagued by really shitty weather pretty much all the time. And even though, I am well aware of the weather conditions here and I do buy jackets and coats on a regular basis (I admit that I might have a problem), I don´t own a single jacket with a hood. Badass, I know.

Well, anyway, I recently bought a new bomber jacket (oh wonder, who would´ve guessed) from a brand called Soot & Ty that has its flag store at Camden Market, London, but is available online as well. The brain behind the label that is well-known for its colourful prints on classical designs, such as bomber and biker jackets, long-sleeved shirts and various accessories, is called Zak Million and, as of recently I´ve got the chance to talk to him a little bit about his brand and everything that goes with it. But we´ll talk about that in a later post, so stay tuned for that!

Okay so now, let´s come back to my outfit aka. the reason for this post. I really love the bomber jacket, mainly because it goes with everything in my wardrobe, fits perfectly and makes me feel like the cool uni student I´m not. Nevertheless, as the colder days approach, I find it quite tricky to pull it off without freezing to death. So here´s where the commonly known layering technique gets into the game! Very innovative, I know. 

Basically, I went for a fluffy, cream jumper that gives me all those teddybear feels, and layered a normal, blue-washed denim jacket as well as the beige college jacket on top. For the rest of my outfit, I´ve chosen a strongly distressed, black jeans, a pair of slightly heeled, black booties and a black backpack. Then, to give the outfit a little bit more of that I-really-tried-can-you-tell-look, I accessorised with a bracelet that my friends kindly got me for my birthday (thanks again, guys!) and that I wear basically on a daily basis, as well as a pair of light-beige waterfall earrings. Et voilĂ ! Nothing high-fashion, but definitely a comfortable look on a day-to-day basis.

Jumper - - - edc by ESPRIT
Jeans - - - H&M
Jeans Jacket - - - United Colors Of Benetton
Bomber Jacket - - - Soot&Ty

Booties - - - New Look
Earrings - - - Konplott



  1. mmhmm and who DOESNT want teddy bear feels from every jumper that they own?! looks so nice and cosy, love how youve styled this.

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com

    1. exactly! thank you, I´m glad to hear that you like it:) xx

  2. That backpack is super cool! Great photos!
    xo Erika


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