5 GOALS FOR 2018

I'm usually not a huge believer in setting goals for the new year, simply because I have realised that I always end up forgetting them half way through the year. Also, if you really want to change something about yourself, your life or your surrounding, why wait until the 1st January to do so? Why can we not simply progress as we go, change what needs to be changed and not postpone stuff to later?

Being active in the blogging scene, I've seen a lot of "My goals for 2018" posts these last 2 weeks or so, and up until today I was sure not to follow that trend. Yepp, and here we are. That irony though, wow! Okay, so it's the 31st today, meaning this is the last page in the 365-pages book of 2017, and I really have to say that this year was a full-on success for me. And I intend to make 2018 even more my year than 2017 already was. So let's consider this post to be a little reminder to myself how I intend to make some things happen, more than just following my good-blogger-duties and being mainstream AF. And for those who were wondering, these are some more pictures from the Christmas Shooting that I talked about in yesterday's blog post.

Skincare over makeup

I struggeled with really bad acne over those last couple years, but managed to clear up my skin a little bit so that now, I still only have breakouts on a regular basis, especially in the cheek area and in the T-zone. After a not so successful facial that I had done last week, my skin has become worse again nonetheless, so I want to make it my priority in 2018 to focus on clearing up my skin properly instead of covering it under foundation, concealer, powder and co, which (let's face it) makes it only worse in the long run.

Become healthier

Being a student, fast food has become almost second nature for me. Having McDonald's as my neighbor doesn't really help me with that. But if we're serious, those are only excuses to justify my laziness to properly cook and work out. I know that there's no point in setting unrealistic goals like "no fast food at all" or "going to the gym 3 times a week from today on" - instead, I'll just try to become a bit healthier, stock up on those cooking skills and keep my weight constant. Babysteps, guys, babysteps.

Spent more time with my family

Since I moved away, this has been a huge thing for me. I try to call my family as often as possible but I'd like to make it a routine to call them more often, because after all, family is everything that really counts.

Keep up with uni work

I've had quite a good start into uni, but there's always room for improvment. So I'd like to remind myself to do more research, and work on time managment which is probably what I'm the worst at. Hopefully, I'll manage to get out of my comfort zone a bit and that way, tick off a few of my job-related goals as well.

Sticking to my blogging routine

Since I started my studies, I've been even more motivated to work on my blog since in my opinion, it goes hand in hand with my uni work. Nonetheless, I find it very hard to keep on track with a posting schedule, so I want to work on that over the next year and be more constant in my uploads.

What are your goals for 2018?




Christmas Eve - normal people spent time with their families, enjoy a nice dinner and maybe open the one or the other present already. We don't do Christmas in Ukraine, so I had a photoshoot on the 24th December that was themed around New Year's Eve, which is basically their Christmas here.

I'm not going to lie, this was quite a hard shooting for me, simply because smiling isn't usually my natural "photo-face" if you get what I mean. If you have seen the results of my last two photo shoots "Milk and Roses" and "Photoshooting", you'll definitely get why I say that. 

Nonetheless, I really like the results of the shooting and hope you like them, too. There will be a lot more pictures coming up here as well as on my Instagram so definitely, don't forget to check that out, too.




Do you know that feeling when you feel like you can't be bothered to wear really uncomfortable, fancy clothes but you still have to look cute? Yepp, this is exactly what I wear every single time when I feel that way. You know, it's basically just a cream pullover dress layered under a jeans jacket and a bomber jacket, but somehow it looks cute and makes people think that you actually tried really hard to pull an outfit together. So I guess that's what you would call a win-win situation!

I've been obsessed with pairing this bomber jacket by Soot and Ty with all different sorts of outfits. Actually, here is another outfit with it, if you haven't seen it before. I love the cool vibe it gives and layered over my United Colors Of Benetton, it's even warm enough to wear as the temperatures drop.

I tried to spice the whole look up with my overknees by Linzi and a pair of hoops by Swarowski. Last but not least, I wore the Austinn tote bag that you've seen already in my "old but gold" outfit post and that I'm still totally obsessed with. I wear it on a daily basis, no matter where I go or what I'm doing. If you still don't know about them - what the heck are you doing with your life? - here is a link to their Spotify: you're welcome! 

Jumper Dress - - - Zara
Jeans Jacket - - - United Colors Of Benetton
Bomber Jacket - - - Soot&Ty

Overknees - - -  Linzi
Tote Bag - - - Austinn
Hoops - - - Swarowski



Throwback to my OOTW in Vienna // Casual Sunday post back in August 2017
This is my 100th post on this blog - wow! So much has changed since my first blogpost went online on 26th April 2016. Probably the biggest change was to graduate from high school and move away from my little Luxembourg to explore the big wide world. Nah, just kidding - it wasn't planned to become such a huge enterprise that I started this September, I just started going to uni which happens to be located in London. I've thought so much about what I want to write about for my 100th post since I want it to be something special that I can look back on in one year's time or so, but the more I thought about it, the less I knew what I wanted to do. So I just started writing, since I figured it would have a greater personal value for me to read later what went through my mind than to see a fancy (or not so fancy) outfit post. Don't get me wrong: I love reading and looking at outfit posts as well as publishing them myself but I still feel like a little train of thought would be of more value to me personally. Hope you enjoy reading it just as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Aaaannndd another throwback to my Vienna Sightseeing Recap  post - Vienna was a great time, can you tell?
As I look back on these one and a half years, the most striking thing for me is the huge difference in mentality and lifestyle between the country I was lucky enough to grow up in, Luxembourg, and the metropolis I now call my home, London.

Growing up in a small country does have a lot of perks indeed. As a kid and teenager, I felt very secure and protected which was partly due to my amazing family of course, but partly because when you live in a country with less than 1 mio. inhabitants (it still is officially a country of its own, kids - no confusion there, even though it's that small), you basically know everybody and everybody knows you.

The downside to it is that, since you know everybody and everybody knows you, there´s literally no room for unnoticed and undiscussed mistakes or escape of judgment. I think that´s quite a common phenomenon no matter where you go to, but I guess that in Luxembourg, the whole problem is even more condensed and present due to the country's size (or maybe that's just how I perceived it as a turbulent teenager that was growing up).

Next throwback: me being nostalgic about my long hair and high school times
Picture from my Fall Fur post, back in October 2016
Throwback to a little road trip through Luxembourg with one of the funniest and kindest persons I've ever met
Read more in Castle on the Hill and on Sundays, we're adventurous
Moving away from my little, protected nest - meaning what I consider to be my home country, as well as my family - and settling into a big city like London, has taught me quite a few things, up and foremost about myself, the person I am and the person I want to become.

I´ve started my first blog at the young age of 13 (I´m 21 now). It was a really shabby-looking site, but I loved it. I shared my passion for all things fashion, beauty and from time to time some more personal insights as well. So basically, nothing has changed on that front.
I´ve deleted that blog after a year, even though it was quite well-received and I loved what I was doing. The reason for it was simply that I panicked when people started to find out about it. I wasn't doing anything bad or to be ashamed of obviously, but I still was. I was embarrassed and felt like I was doing something forbidden, even though part of me knew that there was nothing wrong with it. The fact was that I was doing something that, back then, wasn't considered to be the norm and in a country where everybody is basically your neighbour, that's something very striking. Being a kid that just gets into puberty, trying to find out who it is, obviously didn't help the whole situation.

Things have changed in the meantime. Luxembourg has changed. I have changed.

Both pictures from my forever love - london post
Part of me regrets deleting it, but on the other hand, I understand why 13-year-old me reacted the way it did. It's no news that it was obviously a period of transition that each and everybody of us goes through at some point. Personally, I found it very hard, especially at that age, to stand up for myself and what I loved doing. I preferred to go under unrecognized and unnoticed than to fall out of the norm. And even though I am very happy and proud of my blog (growing up and surpassing the awkward teenager-phase has definitely helped with that, too), I still have some smaller issues to share my blog with people that I know up until this day.

I also get now what people mean when they talk about travelling being the best way to stay open-minded and expanding your horizon. I´ve always travelled a lot, but the action that has shown me the most how to do what I love, stand up for it and even be proud of every, oh so small achievement was moving away to a city like London where people literally don´t judge you, no matter what you do. Studying at a creative uni, you definitely learn to embrace otherness, enhance flaws and nurture what seems like crazy and unrealistic ideas to others.

Throwback to the first pictures that I took when I moved to London - very touristy, I know
5 things I hadn't thought of before moving to uni
I´ve been living here for about 3 months now, which, on the big scale of things, is no time, but for me, it is a huge thing. I can´t even explain the incredible amount of things I´ve learnt in this short period of time - not only on a universitarian but also on a personal and human level. I consider myself to be very lucky to have been brought up in a country like Luxembourg where a lot of opportunities are given to you, thanks to the discussable but very effective school system and the country´s financial security. Nevertheless, I consider myself just as lucky to have the possibility to study what I love, to live in such an open-minded, fun and friendly environment and to get so much support for what I'm doing and love from like-minded people.

I'll probably just finish on this note, and hopefully, take it on from here in a future train of thought. Cheers to the next 100 posts and one and a half years!


November Favourites

Considering the lack of makeup that I´ve used over those last couple of months, I think it would almost be offensive to consider myself to be a beauty blogger. Nevertheless, I wanted to share a few of my favourite skincare and beauty products for the month of November, because I don´t see many people talk about these little gems and so this post may (or may not) be helpful. To make this post (hopefully) a little bit more interesting anyway, I´m sharing a few non-beauty favourites as well. Let's break this down!

First things first: skincare. As of lately, my skin has been horrible which is probably due to the weather changes and - let´s face it - my shockingly unhealthy lifestyle (can we please blame uni instead of me?). Anyway! I´ve tried out two different creams by Vichy and was surprisingly very pleased by their Normaderm Nuit Detox Cream that promises to clear out your skin while you´re asleep. I don´t say that you´ll wake up to miraculously glowing and spotless skin, but you know, it helps a little. It´s hydrating and doesn´t make me break out in the meantime. I feel like it does reduce redness and spots a bit, but if you´re searching for a proper acne treatment, this is probably not the one for you. If, by any chance, you´re on the hunt for a hydrating night cream: your prayers have been heard - give it a go!

Next on the list is a concealer that I´m currently still trying out but have been very pleased with so far: NYX HD Studio Photogenic Correcting Concealer. I use it for my under eyes as well as on any blemishes that I wish to cover up. I really like the light consistency of it, which makes it perfect for the under eyes and for highlighting your face. Nevertheless, I would recommend to check out another concealer for any unevennesses that you wish to cover up since it doesn´t really help a lot with that.

I´ve had these Sleep MakeUp Pout Polishes in 964 Peach Perfection (left) and 947 Pink Cadillac (right) for probably way too long, but I´ve never used them until now. The idea behind these little polishes is for you to only have to use one single product for lips and cheeks, that acts in the meantime as sun protector as well, thanks to the included SPF15. Since I have quite a difficult skin right now, I only use these as lip tints but I absolutely love them for that purpose, especially the Pink Cadillac one that gives you that soft, natural, red-ish tint and is perfect for an everyday basis.

Last, but definitely not least, an old favourite of mine. I´ve been obsessed with MAC´s Satin Lipstick in Amorous for the past year or so. Considering the rapid approach of the colder months, I´m so happy to be able to pull this beautiful berry-mauve shade off, during the day as well as during the night. Most of you probably have tried out the one or the other MAC lipstick in your life, so I probably don´t have to ramble on about the creamy texture of the lipstick -  you know the drill. In case you haven´t checked this colour out yet, I definitely recommend you do so: it´ll literally change your life! Okay, that´s maybe a bit of an exaggeration there but you get where I´m coming from.

Let´s jump into the lifestyle category, where I fell in love with an old favourite of mine. Is this a month of recycling old favourites? I don´t even know. Anyway, I´ve been loving to scroll through Tumblr again.  I´ve not only sorted out whom to follow (and who didn´t fit into my feed) but also queued a ridiculous amount of posts which makes that I can proudly consider myself to be very active on a daily basis. So if you´re up for it - go check it out!

Another "lifestyle" favourite of mine was that I´ve got to meet with a fellow blogger that I´ve previously only had talked to via Twitter and Instagram. You probably know her as Margaret from Cady Quotidienne. For everybody who doesn´t know her yet (and hasn't read my last post): definitely, check her blog out and give her a follow! Not only is she a super sweetheart and fun person to be around, but she puts so much effort, thought and time into her blog that I consider to be one of the best up-and-coming blogs out there right now. 

What were your favourites for the month of November?



Life is short, eat that cake

I've recently had the opportunity to meet up with the lovely Margaret from Cady Quotidienne, as you've probably already seen if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter. We went to Peggy Porschen, a London-based cake shop that is best known for its colourful cupcakes and extravagant decoration, which is a good reason by itself to check out the little corner shop near Victoria Station.

It was the first time for me to meet a fellow blogger actually. Studying Fashion Journalism at uni, I've met quite a few people who have just started their own blogs to express their love for fashion and beauty, and to experiment with their writing a bit. Nonetheless, I've never met up with a person whom I've known through blogging itself, so I was really excited and nervous all at once.

If you aren't already familiar with Margaret and her blog, I'd definitely recommend you check her out right now. I've been following her for a few months now and I find that she really does a great job of translating who she is as a person into her writing. I find it very hard to find upcoming bloggers that have something new to bring to the blogger scene, put a lot of effort into their work and stay true to who they are and what they like. I feel like she is one of the few bloggers that I've stumbled upon that really incorporate all of that, which made the whole meet up even more exciting for me. 

So Margaret, if you're reading this: thank you for the good talk, nice laughs as well as taking pictures for me. I look forward to our next meet up! Much love x

What I was wearing ...

Blouse - - - QED London
Overall - - - Esprit
Coat - - - Comma

Shoes - - - Nasty Gal
Bag - - - Moschino
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