5 GOALS FOR 2018

I'm usually not a huge believer in setting goals for the new year, simply because I have realised that I always end up forgetting them half way through the year. Also, if you really want to change something about yourself, your life or your surrounding, why wait until the 1st January to do so? Why can we not simply progress as we go, change what needs to be changed and not postpone stuff to later?

Being active in the blogging scene, I've seen a lot of "My goals for 2018" posts these last 2 weeks or so, and up until today I was sure not to follow that trend. Yepp, and here we are. That irony though, wow! Okay, so it's the 31st today, meaning this is the last page in the 365-pages book of 2017, and I really have to say that this year was a full-on success for me. And I intend to make 2018 even more my year than 2017 already was. So let's consider this post to be a little reminder to myself how I intend to make some things happen, more than just following my good-blogger-duties and being mainstream AF. And for those who were wondering, these are some more pictures from the Christmas Shooting that I talked about in yesterday's blog post.

Skincare over makeup

I struggeled with really bad acne over those last couple years, but managed to clear up my skin a little bit so that now, I still only have breakouts on a regular basis, especially in the cheek area and in the T-zone. After a not so successful facial that I had done last week, my skin has become worse again nonetheless, so I want to make it my priority in 2018 to focus on clearing up my skin properly instead of covering it under foundation, concealer, powder and co, which (let's face it) makes it only worse in the long run.

Become healthier

Being a student, fast food has become almost second nature for me. Having McDonald's as my neighbor doesn't really help me with that. But if we're serious, those are only excuses to justify my laziness to properly cook and work out. I know that there's no point in setting unrealistic goals like "no fast food at all" or "going to the gym 3 times a week from today on" - instead, I'll just try to become a bit healthier, stock up on those cooking skills and keep my weight constant. Babysteps, guys, babysteps.

Spent more time with my family

Since I moved away, this has been a huge thing for me. I try to call my family as often as possible but I'd like to make it a routine to call them more often, because after all, family is everything that really counts.

Keep up with uni work

I've had quite a good start into uni, but there's always room for improvment. So I'd like to remind myself to do more research, and work on time managment which is probably what I'm the worst at. Hopefully, I'll manage to get out of my comfort zone a bit and that way, tick off a few of my job-related goals as well.

Sticking to my blogging routine

Since I started my studies, I've been even more motivated to work on my blog since in my opinion, it goes hand in hand with my uni work. Nonetheless, I find it very hard to keep on track with a posting schedule, so I want to work on that over the next year and be more constant in my uploads.

What are your goals for 2018?



  1. yep, skincare is definitely a huuuuge priority for me next year. water water water (and a million and one facemasks!)

    goooorgeous photos too, love your hair!

    wishing you all the best for 2018 lovely!

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com

    1. Wish you good luck with it, hope we'll both succeed with it haha definitely keep me updated:) And thank you so much! Happy new year, sweetie! xx

  2. I need to be on top of talking to my family and friends back home more too! But it's so hard with the 7/8 hour time change. We still get to Skype every week, though!

    Rachel || anotherstationanothermile.com

    1. It's really not an easy task but definitely necessary! I find it great that you get to skype with them once a week though, keep it up! Family is truly everything! xx


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