I guess we all can agree that black is the easiest and probably the safest colour in terms of not taking the risk of committing a major "faux pas". And even though I could literally live in black clothes for the rest of my life, I try to switch things up sometimes. This time around, I tried to do so with a black and red checked coat by Esprit. It's so cosy and actually really keeps you warm which, living in the U.K. is exactly what I need. I've been drawn to it from the first moment I saw it, since, to me, it literally screams London - don't ask me why, let's just go with this weird association of mine.

I would love to tell you some other really funny or cool anecdote about how I came up with this outfit but the only other thing I might say is that I tried to make the outfit a bit more interesting by pairing different textures, which helps to break up the all-black look. Otherwise, that's about it - no big rambling on (for once).

Coat - - - Esprit
Jumper - - - Zara   (same one as here)
Leather leggings - - - Calzedonia

Shoes - - - NastyGal
Bag - - - Pollini

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