Okay, imagine what a sheep would look if it would meet a shearling jacket and a coat. You'll probably come up with something similar to the newest addition to my decent coat collection (puns on me). No seriously, I have a problem. I know it, I admit it, but I'm certainly not planning on changing it. So let's talk in this post about the outfit I created around this little gem!

Let's be honest: even though we all want to look cute in our comfy jumpers, the reality is that most us aren't ready to freeze to death for it, which is the main reason why some really clever and stylish person invented the layering technique. This time around, I wore a striped turtleneck T-Shirt with a dark turquoise, velvet jumper on top. On the bottom part of the outfit, there's not much going on. I wanted to stay simple and comfortable by wearing my favourite black skinny jeans. To give the outfit a little bit more shape, I went for a pair of black, heeled booties and a dark purple, sack bag.

T-Shirt - - - Esprit
Jumper - - -  via TKMAXX
Jeans - - - Esprit

Coat - - - Esprit
Shoes - - - Liu Jo
Bag - - -  Furla


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