Do you ever have those weird moments where you just feel like you need to write something down? A thought. An emotion. A situation.

Personally, I don't have them too often. But I had one not too long ago. It involved music.

As you probably know by now, I study Fashion Journalism. My uni offers a Music Journalism course as well, and, don't get me wrong, I love music. But I've never thought about making a profession out of it, mainly because I don't know enough about it, probably also because I've never known that such a course even exists. Ironic if you think about the fact that most people would probably not even consider Fashion Journalism a profession, and yet, here we are.

Well, anyway. I had a feeling some time ago when I was hanging out with some friends. They were just playing the guitar, just like that, as you do when you learned to play an instrument and are on the way to make it a proper career. To them, the moment I'm talking about didn't mean a lot. Obviously, it didn't: for them, it's their everyday life. For me, on the contrary, it felt special and unique. I felt like I would burst if I wouldn't write something about it. So that's what I did - not the bursting, the writing.

And in that moment, we were just kids reunited by a passion for all things beautiful. Because what is life about if not about passion?

Music is the purest form of expressing what words never could. Music is a lifestyle. It's a passion, a lifelong dedication. It's a way of talking, walking and being. It's when we listen to music (or, for the few lucky ones that were born to create something so intriguing themselves) that we are the most vulnerable, honest and beautiful.

I won't lie, I'm probably not in the easiest phase of my life right now - on the contrary. One thing I've learnt from it is that life is very precious. It's like a child that you have to take care of 24/7. It's delicate, even fragile, and it needs hard work to be properly appreciated.

I know that 99% of people would probably not even have considered this moment to be something special. You get as much as you put in. And if I learnt something so far it's that every breath you take can be your last one, and sometimes all you need is to stop and appreciate everything that surrounds you. Be grateful for every friend you can turn to, for every memory you make and every song you hear - they are priceless.

All pictures taken by my super-talented and sweet friend Beth from The Höllenbräu Edit.


  1. What a beautiful and encouraging snapshot of a significant moment in time for you.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad that you like it!


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