If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen that I've been to Paris for a weekend last month and, even though the weather was as horrible as it could've been (don't you dare call the weather in London sh*t ever again...), I was so happy about every second spent in France's beautiful capital.

Since I haven't been very active and constant with my posting last week, I decided to start a little series from today on and show you a bunch of pictures that I've taken during my short yet memorable stay in Paris. And how knows, maybe this will give you a bit of inspiration where to go to next time you visit the city of love?

Let's start off this series with my visit of the Yves Saint Laurent Museum which was probably my favourite trip of this weekend. We had to wait for about an hour to get in because we didn't manage to buy tickets in advance. I'd definitely recommend you check out their official site (see link) and book a slot in advance. But if you ever happen to fall on a booked-out day, I'd definitely recommend still going and queue'ing: it's definitely worth it. 

Tipp: if you study on any fashion-related course, you may want to call to buy your tickets - that way, you'll probably get in for free. 

I feel like this little trip to the museum really helped me understand the designer and his vision so much better. Everybody who has some sort of interest in fashion has heard of Yves Saint Laurent, but how much do we really know about him? 

What I loved most about the exhibition (regardless of the beautiful museum building itself) was probably the different recreations of his designs as well as of his studio. Overall, the exhibition didn't have that cold museum feeling to it - it felt as if you're having a look at somebody's personal working space/home which I really liked. 


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