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Still in Luxembourg, still having the face of a watermelon-gone-bad. If you're not following me on Twitter, you've probably got no idea what I'm talking about. Oh well, I'm back in Luxembourg for almost 2 weeks, which in itself, is a really cool thing. The reason for me being here though is that I've had a really bad, allergic reaction to one of the antibiotics I was prescribed to heal my tonsillitis, but apparently doctor cabinets in London put more importance to the bureaucracy of their office than on helping people who need it. Not blaming anybody, but just let's think about the fact that it was easier and quicker for me to fly home than waiting for an appointment there.

Anyway, I've recently discovered that fellow blogger Emma Rollason did an A-Z post about herself. The idea behind this post is to give every letter of the alphabet a personal meaning or anecdote. So I decided: since I'm unable to post about anything beauty or fashion-related right now, why not be more personal? Also, if you don't know Emma's blog yet, you should really check her out - her blog is the perfect mix of makeup and personal posts. I love her content and I'm pretty sure that you will, too.

A is for ambition - I consider myself to be a very thorough and ambitious person. An example would be that 10-year-old me said she would study Fashion Journalism in London one day. Well, that day is now.

B is for badminton - I've played badminton for about 3 years in Luxembourg and really enjoyed it. I still regret not having pursued it back then.

C is for creativity. I consider myself to be quite a creative person, hence why I study Fashion Journalism. I love being surrounded by people who constantly inspire others and have interest in all different art areas.

D is for dancing - I've done classical ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip hop for about 15 years.

E is for empathy, one of the character traits I like most about myself and love to see in other people as well.

F is for fashion, one of my biggest passions. I love to see how people incorporate different pieces and/or trends to make them fit their personal style and to consider the whole train process behind a collection.

G is for Gossip Girl, my all-time favourite TV series. I'm sorry for being that basic but the fashion of the different characters was simply perfection, and so was the storyline.

H is for horror movies, the only movie genre I refuse to watch. I've tried to watch American Horror Story not too long ago and had the worst nightmares afterwards.

I is for Italy - I love the Italian culture and especially their food. My mum works with Italian clothes in her showroom which made me fall in love with their sense of fashion at a very young age.

J is for Jack Sparrow, my all-time favourite movie character. I've been obsessed with The Pirates of the Carribean ever since the first movie was released.

K is for kindness, one of the best attributes a person can have in my opinion.

L is for Luxembourg, the country I feel very lucky to have grown up in.

M is for the Maldives - I've always wanted to visit this little paradise on earth and am still persuaded that I'll see it at some point through my own eyes.

N is for Nicka, my 8-year-old Malteser lady that I miss like crazy every day since I've moved away.

O is for Odessa, the city I was born. The people, culture and ocean are incredible and definitely worth paying a visit.

P is for painting - I took painting classes when I was about 8 years old but realised after a few years that I should probably stick to what I know best and let more talented people express themselves through their drawings and paintings.

Q is for Quiberon - I've visited this little heaven in the Normandie, France, last summer and completely fell in love. Even though the weather is a bit stormy and the temperatures are not as high as you would expect them to be during summer, the landscapes and the food make it all up for me. I'm still planning on posting some throwback pictures of my stay there so stay tuned for that.

R is for Russian, my mother tongue.

S is for sunset - One of my favourite things to do (especially during the warmer months) is to just sit in the middle of nowhere, listen to good music and watch the sunset. Very cheesy, I know.

T is for travelling - As most other people too, I love to travel. There's nothing better than discovering new cultures or just enjoying some sunshine and the sound of the ocean's waves.

U is for university - I've started my first year at university in September and couldn't be any happier. My course is so interesting and I've met so many incredible people.

V is for Valeria, my name - Growing up, I've always found my name really strange and wished my parents would've picked a more "normal" name. In the meantime, I am at peace with it and even start to like the fact that it's not such a current name.

W is for writing. I feel like it's really one of the mediums I can work best with to express myself.

X is for XOXO, the most recent Netflix film I've watched. I have a little bit of an obsession with Netflix but am mainly watching series on there, but I'm currently getting more and more into films again.

Y is for YouTube - If I'm not binge-watching Netflix, chances are I'm on YouTube watching makeup tutorials, travel vlogs or hauls.

Z is for Zendaya - I'm usually not a huge fangirl, but I really love everything I've seen so far from Zendaya. She's not only incredibly beautiful and talented but also a great role model for so many.



  1. Such a great post!! You have a beautiful name, I'm the opposite I wish mine was more unique. I love that you've included qualities and attributes about yourself because that is something you usually only recognise when you meet someone and can tell you so much about a person, I'm an empath too and it's a special quality to have. I'm sorry to hear that you've been under the weather, I hope you start feeling better soon and thank you for sharing a more personal post.

    Emma x

    1. Thank you so much for the inspo! I'm feeling a lot better already, thanks! xx

  2. Love this A-Z kind of post!! and I hope you feel better soon, poor you!! xx

    1. You should do one as well, they're really fun and I love reading them! Thanks, I'm a lot better already, thank God haha:) xx

  3. I'm beyond obsessed with this denim/sweater dress look! The best of comfy chic & I definitely need to re-create this messy bun. So cute.

    Britt Correia | http://thegypsyfiles.com

    1. Thanks! I've done a whole post on it, if you're interested in more outfit details you can check it out!:)



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