And so, another month has flown by. Can you believe tomorrow's 1st April already? I feel like it was NYE yesterday, yet here I am writing about my favourites for March already.

We're approaching slowly but surely Spring/Summer time, which I personally am super excited about. Even though I prefer autumn/winter in terms of fashion, I can't wait for sunshine and warmer temperatures.

But until the sun feels like gracing us with its presence, let's talk about some things that I loved in March!

Starting off with beauty products, my first favourite was the NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder in SFP01, which is the transparent shade. I'm usually no big fan of loose powders as they tend to break me out and I don't like the messy application, but I've reached for this one (surprisingly) so often this month that  I really can't leave it out. Besides the usual functions of setting my foundation and concealer, and making my skin feel soft instead of cakey, it doesn't leave any white films on my skin, it doesn't break me out (huge bonus points for that one!) and it doesn't flash back in photos. What more could I ask for?

Next off, an old favourite of mine: Essence Stay with me Longlasting Lipgloss in 02 My Favorite Milkshake. It has quite a thick consistency, making it very opaque for a lipgloss. The shade is very wearable and suits so many different makeup looks and skin shades, making it a pretty good allrounder. Even though it has a pretty thick consistency, I find it very comfortable to wear.

Moving on to the last beauty product. I think it's no secret that MAC pigments are incredible in terms of quality. Yet, I've always kind of struggled to get myself to buy the huge pods that they sell since I knew that I could never use it up (not in a lifetime), and still, I would have to pay the high price for a product that I won't use. So when I saw these miniature pigment pods, I was sold. First of all, they have so many different shades (this one is the MAC Pigment in Naked). Secondly, they are so much cheaper. And lastly, you still get more product that you can use. So if you've ever seen me wearing eyeshadow this month, chances are I wore this pigment all over my lid and some Hoola Bronzer in the crease.

Not too long ago, my mum's best friend got me the huge 100ml bottle of Givenchy Live Irresistible perfume. I tend not to buy perfumes myself since they are so expensive, so I also ask to get perfumes for Christmas or my birthday from my family. I was so surprised when I received this little baby, especially since I've never heard of it before. I have loved it so much ever since, as you can probably tell by the amount I've used up already. So if you're searching for a new perfume, definitely give this one a sniff.

Talking about lifestyle favourites, I discovered my love for candles not too long ago (very bad blogger, I know). I got this Scentsational Natural Soy Candle in No.11 Midnight Woods from TK MAXX for only a few pounds and have used it completely up within two months. Definitely worth to mention!

I even got a little fashion favourite this month (very special, I know). Basically, I realised that I'm carrying bags that are way too big on an everyday basis, which, don't get me wrong, is nice but super unpractical, especially when I'm running around London taking pictures for the London Strolling series. When I saw this little bag at Esprit, I was sold immediately. It fits everything I need on an everyday basis (wallet, keys, phone, lipgloss), has a practical pocket in the front to put your phone or train ticket in and is held by a large strap that makes it so much more comfortable than a chain strap ever would.

Last but not least, I've read the Alexander McQueen - Blood Beneath The Skin by Andrew Wilson. Alexander McQueen is, by far, my favourite designer of all times. I feel like he was not only a fashion genius but also a very complex and interesting character with a very particular worldview that he translated through this clothes. Even though I've seen so many documentaries and read so much about him already, I feel like this biography helped me understand and get to know him even more. I'd definitely recommend you to check this one out, even if you're not that interested in fashion, there's so much to psychological depth in this book which will maybe make you think about modern society in a different way.

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