Nostalgia is a bitch. It's like the blur-effect in Facetune - it makes everything seem nicer than it actually is/was. You look back at things, thinking about how easy life was, how much better it was than the present. You start to regret choices and to reconsider actions.

But the past is rarely better than the present. It's just further away. The human brain is really funny in that sense - it usually makes the good memories stand out so much more than the bad ones, which leads us on to nostalgia. We complain and regret, and at the end of the day, nothing changes. You can't go back in time, no matter how much you wish you could. Everything you can do is treasure good memories, let go of harsh and bad feelings and make the best out of the present and everything that is yet to come. Because remember, at some point, today will be the past that you're regretting and whining over now. And you will look back with regret and sore because you haven't enjoyed the moment to its fullest. It's such a "yolo-thing" to say, but stop crying over what's gone, and stop fearing what is yet to come - start living in the moment. Start enjoying the little things. Look around you, there are so many good things going on and happening that you'll miss because you're not paying attention.

Before I left Luxembourg, I was 100 percent sure that I wouldn't miss a single second of living here. I was persuaded that London would change my life to something better, that I would become a happier person simply because I wasn't living in the same country I've spent the majority of my life in. Well, my life has changed drastically since moving abroad indeed. And don't get me wrong, I love it and I wouldn't want to have it any other way. Yet, every time I come back to visit my family and friends, there's this little, nasty feeling of regret in me that tells me that my life here was better than I considered it to be while I was here. And it probably was. I just didn't see it. I wasn't paying attention to what was happening around me at the time because I was too focused to built and imagine my future.

The last time I've been in Luxembourg, I played the local guide for my boyfriend. It was his first time in my home country and, even though I consider that there's not much to see here, I still wanted to try and show him Luxembourg from its best side. And even though I've been living here for over 15 years, it made me see this little spot on the land cart from a whole other side - it's beautiful, rich in culture and attractions. Okay, we don't have a Big Ben or Buckingham Palace here; we don't celebrate the new year with incredible fireworks and we don't have 6 Mio. people living here. But you know what? We don't need any of these things to be a nice country.

I'm happy to live in a city where there are so many opportunities and attractions. And one of the main reasons I've started the London Strolling series was because I realised that I didn't pay enough attention to all the small, good things in Luxembourg, and I didn't want to look back at my uni time and think the same way about London as well.

Long story short - here's what you should do! Go outside, no matter where you live, and appreciate everything you have. Because being grateful for what you have is the first step to being happy. And what could one want more than being happy?


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