Toxic relationships - we all know them. We all have been through one or another. And, I'm not gonna lie, most of us probably will go through more such relationship in the future.

Having a toxic relationship with somebody doesn't necessarily implement you being in an official (love) relationship with them. Sometimes it's a longtime friend of yours. Sometimes it's you dating somebody. Sometimes it's just an unnecessary person that you wrongly trusted and were stupid enough to fall for. What I'm trying to say is that you will probably go through more than one such experience - shit happens. The only thing that you do can change about it is how you react to it.

Most of the time you will try to make it work anyway. You will try to be understanding, patient and caring. You will invest yourself in the best way possible.

Most of the time it's not going to work. I'm nobody to say that it never will. And I'm nobody to say what you should or shouldn't do, but I'm a firm believer of destiny and time. If you really like somebody, you should be happy. It should be easy and happen naturally. You shouldn't be slotting around day and night, waiting for excuses that anyway don't change a thing, and adapting your plans to other people. Because seriously, do you think that they would do the same for you?
If you've had to think about this for a fraction of a second, the answer is probably no. So why should you do it?

I don't know who put this romantic idea of "love has to hurt, otherwise, it's not the real thing" into the world, (no offence) but I'm pretty sure that they were just masochistic psychopaths or just stupid idiots that couldn't think clearly. So if you really believe them, I'm no one to tell you that you're doing wrong and that you should walk away (do you, boo), but you probably are and you probably should reconsider whether this is really what you want and deserve.



  1. You’re so right!! Cutting ties and walking away is the best way!! Anyways, great post lovely - https://robynpoppy.co.uk


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