Tough one. Seriously, lying in bed for over a week means that I had way too much time on my hands as you probably can imagine. Way too much time that I (obviously) invested in Netflix... as per usual. I'm normally more the series type of girl, but the thing is that Netflix offers different things in the UK than it does in Luxembourg which means that I didn't want to start a new series here and then depress over it not being on my Netflix in London. Movies it is then!


The first one is a Netflix Originals film about a newcomer DJ who manages to get onto the line up of the biggest techno-rave festival in the United States: XOXO.

I really liked the length of the film and the fact that it was really easy to watch. The identification potential of the main characters is extremely high which makes you feel like you're at the festival yourself.

Step Sisters

Again a Netflix Originals. This time around, the protagonist Jamilah tries to polish up a sororities house's public image by making them compete in a charity step show, in exchange for a direct reference to her dream: Harvard Law School.

This film addresses common problems like stereotyping, feminism and even racism in a very direct, yet fun way.

Before I Fall

This Netflix Originals (do you see a coherence here?) film is based around Samantha, a popular high school girl, who is damned to relive the same, horrific day of her life over and over again, which makes her question everything she thought was authentic and evident up until this day.

I love when a film raises awareness and makes you question your own choices without making the whole moral aspect too obvious or annoying. And let me tell you, this film made me hella think!

The Escort

Meet Natalie, a Stanford graduate who works full-time as an escort, making her the perfect subject of analysis for journalist Mitch, who's on the search for a good story.

Fancy a little romantic and (I admit) predictable comedy? Definitely, give this one a go!

Franca: Chaos and Creation

Franca Sozzani was Vogue Italia's editor-in-chief from 1988 up until her death in 2016. Her bold choices and new chosen direction for the prestigious glossy magazine transformed her into a fashion icon. This documentary, filmed and produced by her son, make her human and approachable.

I'm usually not an incredible fan of documentaries. The fact that I've watched this one about 5 times since I found it a few short months ago speaks for itself I guess. If you're into fashion or arts in general, this one is a definite must for you.

Dirty Dancing

During her summer holidays with her family, Baby not only learns about loyalty, dance culture and social differences, but also the true meaning of love, personified by the resort's dance teacher Johnny.

A classic! Do I even need to elaborate on this one? It's probably one of the only movies I don't mind rewatching over and over again.


After moving abruptly to LA, Ali wants nothing more than to prove her voice and talent in Hollywood. Tess's Burlesque Lounge seems to be the perfect spot for that - but the shiny glamour world does not only question your talent, it makes you question yourself, too.

I've been into classics, can you tell? Again, the movie is fully packed with A-star actresses (Christina Aguilera, Cher, Kristen Bell) and a killer story, making it easy to watch and re-watch over and over again.


The illegal online game Nerve is based on the voyeurism technique - players accomplish missions while being watched (and judged) by a multitude of watchers and being given scores for the accomplishments. Surrounded by all her players-friends, Vee signs up herself and decides: she's a player now, too.

Emma Roberts, Dave Franco, Machine Gun Kelly - do I even need to give you more reasons to watch? Okay, I'll give you one more. If you're searching for a dystopic film that makes you question today's mobile society and the impact that social media could have on us in the future, this is your film.

Mamma Mia!

All Sophie wishes for is for her father to accompany her to the altar on the day of her wedding. But who of the three ex-lovers of her mother is her true father?

No hate please: this was my first time ever watching the cult-classic musical. I totally get now why people are obsessing over it though: the music is really entraining, the cast is perfectly chosen and the story is super entertaining and fun.


The awkward teenager Dani Barnes's life is turned upside-down when she decides to let ex-bff/now youtube star Alexa Medina back into her life.

It's not the most exigent film I've ever watched (obviously), but if you're searching for a nice afternoon-highschool drama film, this one will definitely do.


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