Happiness. If you think about it, isn't happiness actually the end goal of every human being? Don't we all strive to be happy and satisfied with our life and ourselves?

Obviously, the term means something different to everybody. Somebody might consider a good marriage with children the supreme happiness while others strive for a successful career. But no matter what you perceive to be your definition of happiness, it is what we all strive towards, am I right?

Personally, I would love to live a life where I would have time for a bit of everything that enriches me as a human being. Right now, my priority is uni and my internship obviously - for the rest, who knows what the future really holds? I think that happiness is a choice as well. I'm not saying that you can control everything, but one thing that you have influence on is definitely how you cope and react to different things that might even be pretty shitty, but you know, that's life. I don't mean to sound super stereotypical, but we all go through our ups and downs, and we need both sides in order to grow, learn and know how to react appropriately.

I know that I'm being really repetitive, but if somebody would've told me even a year ago what my life would look like now, I would've laughed at them and dismissed them as being unrealistic dreamers. And yet here we are!

If I learned something over the past year, it's definitely that you can make things happen and you have more choices than you realise you do. Nobody is going to offer you anything in life unless you ask for it and work to get it. You and only you are responsible for your own success and, in the long run, your own happiness. If you're unhappy with a particular aspect of your life, try to think of ways to turn things around to the better and I'm pretty sure that in most cases you'll manage to come up with a plan if you really want to.

Blaming other people and shifting responsibilities on others is pretty easy and let's be honest, we probably do it all from time to time. But at the end of the day, your main responsibility in life is to be happy and live a life you're happy with. And at the end of the day, you're the only person that can make things happen for yourself. So if you really want it, well then go for it and stop coming up with excuses why it shouldn't work out. Just give it a shot. The worst thing that can happen is that nothing changes. But after all, if you don't even try, nothing will ever change anyway. A good friend of mine always used to say "If you ask, you might get a no - if you don't ask, you already got a no." Can't we all relate to that?

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  1. I thought it was really interesting how you said that happiness is a choice. I really have to agree with you (and on the rest of the post too) because we have the power to choose the decisions we make and it's those decisions that will end up impacts our life in the future. These are the decisions that may lead us to either be happy and successful or robbed of joy. This was beautifully written and carried such an important meaning! xxx



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