I still can‘t believe how the time flies: I‘m done with my first year of uni and I‘ve done my first-ever internship at a fashion magazine. I feel like I‘ve learned so much in these last months, not only about the fashion industry and journalism but mainly about myself. Most people tend to say that your first year of uni is the easiest. And while on an academic level, it most certainly is the easiest, I feel like it‘s probably the year where you learn the most in terms of life experience. Obviously I can‘t talk for everybody, but for me personally, it was a year full of experiences and „first times“. I‘ve lived alone (and abroad) for the first time which led me to travel more than ever in order to see my family. As previously already said, I‘ve had my first internship in the fashion industry. I‘ve developed my writing skills more than I ever thought possible. I met incredible people. I‘ve pushed my limits more, experimented more and even won more confidence in myself and my skills. Basically, I‘ve grown up.

I guess by now everybody on this planet and their mums have seen „The Devil Wears Prada“. For most people, that film is the only insight into the fashion industry so that’s what they are basing their opinion on. I‘ve been there myself.
When I first started uni in September, one of my tutors said that we shouldn‘t think that our life is really going to be like the movie. And, after having successfully passed my first year of uni and having absolved my first internship, I can only agree: the life of a fashion intern is, by far, not as glamorous. Do you have to run around to pick up or return samples? Definitely. Does it get stressful? Obviously. Do you get pushed to your limits? Daily. But I didn't look as good as Anne Hathaway when running around with suitcases that were close to my own weight. On the contrary, I've never looked more disgusting and funny (for outstanding people) in my entire life, which is a bold claim considering what an awkward human being I am.

Is it worth it? Depends on your work ethic. If you‘re searching for a 9-5 job that‘s nicely paid, then you should probably think about changing your career path. Fashion is similar to the blogging community in a way: you get what you give. The chances that you‘ll actually „make it“ in the industry are little. You‘ll shed a lot of sweat, tears and nerves. You’ll carry clothes around that are most certainly worth more than your life. If fashion is not your life and you're not ready to dedicate your whole life to it, you‘ll probably never get past flicking through the beautiful pages of monthly glossies. If you‘re hard-working and ready to "live and breathe fashion" (as one of my friends keeps on calling it), it‘s a very rewarding industry though. You‘ll be part of incredible shoots and projects, meet insanely talented and nice people, and have a great time - I promise.

Personally, I've never been a person that searched for the easy paths (I'm studying Fashion Journalism - can you tell?) I like to think of myself as quite driven, ambitious and thorough to a mostly unhealthy point, but hey, I'm still here, I do what I love and I'm happy so I'm probably doing something right.

Even though I knew that I wanted to be part of this industry since the age of 10, I didn't really talk about it much in the beginning. On the one side because let's be honest, what normal kid knows what they want to do at the age of 10 and really sticks to it? ... You get my point. On the other side, I kept it to myself because sadly enough fashion still is often considered as a triviality and not a job. Well, look up your statistics, honey: the fashion industry in the UK makes more money in a year than the car industry, which funnily enough people do take seriously - do we even have to get further into it? Most people didn't even realise that there were courses based on fashion in uni when I started to tell them. And yeah, it's not a classical uni for sure- I don't have exams, I'm not one of 100 in my classroom and my tutors actually know my name. But honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way! I love my uni, I fall more and more in love with fashion and the idea to be part of this incredible, ever-evolving industry, and I feel like for the first time ever, I am free to work for something that I'm passionate about.

Seeing the results after the first year makes me excited to see what is yet to come, and have proven me at the same time that there is no such thing as having unrealistic goals. I've been told wayyy to often that I'll never make it, that I'm not even going to get into uni. Yet here we are! I'm a firm believer that you're biggest and only acceptable obstacle is yourself so don't let anybody stand in the way of your dreams, no matter if it's in the fashion industry or anything else. If you want it, go for it. Be ready to work and make it the biggest priority of your life. If you're okay with it, then go for it and chances are you'll eventually get to realise yourself.


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  1. What a wonderfully written and crafted post Valeria! Whenever someone asks me what I'm interested and respond by saying fashion, the first response they always have is, "that is a very difficult job, and it's hard to get noticed in the fashion industry!" I always have to agree with them and as you pointed out, it involves a lot of stress and energy. However, I think if you're doing something you love to do and you think will lead to you being enormously happy in the future, then go for! And go strong!



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