Okay, let's go back all the way to the 80s where one of the main fashion trends was power dressing. The original concept was what you would call nowadays "dress to impress". People didn't dress according to their actual social position or working place, but they dressed the way they wanted to be perceived, aka in suits that made them feel like they could take over the world. If you're interested in this whole idea of power dressing, I can only recommend watching the 1988-film Working Girl with Melanie Griffith in one of the main roles.

I guess part of this whole power dressing idea has carried on to nowadays. The suit has become an office staple. Being a 21-year-old Fashion Journalism student, I rarely (basically never) get those moments where I am obliged to wear a suit. Nonetheless, I feel like no matter what age you are and profession you have, you should have a good-fitted suit in your wardrobe for those moments where you might need that extra confidence boost or have to look a bit more professional and serious than usual. 

I built this outfit around my all-time favourite royal blue suit by Armani Jeans. I tried to dress it down a bit by pairing it with a baby pink, slogan T-Shirt from New Look that says 'Ch√©rie' on the front. Finally, I went with a pair of black Spaziomoda heels and paired a silver clutch by Karen Millen to pick up on the slightly silver, reflective band on the shoes.

SUIT  - - - Armani Jeans
T-SHIRT - - - New Look
SHOES - - - Spaziomoda
CLUTCH - - - Karen Millen


  1. Yes, I couldn't agree more dear! Suits are a key piece in my wardrobe. They make outfits instantly more professional, put-together, and classier. Since I'm still in school, I don't often find time to wear them, but when I do, I always notice how much more confident I feel :D


    1. I feel you! Since I moved to uni, I feel like I have more occasions (or I create more occasions where I could wear them haha) to wear them though so I'm really happy about that - you should try it, too!

  2. So, I love power dressing and sometimes I like to add in a couple of power poses. However, sometimes I often am so self-conscious because as a student and a professional, I feel incredibly overdressed some days. I think I'm learning that it's ok to dress for the job you envisioned and that it's okay to stand out, even if you want to show up to school in a suit! By the way, I absolutely love this outfit!

    GG | www.girlingamba.com


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