I've had a lecture today at uni about how to write a good opinion piece. From what I understood this one is going to be a really bad one, because it's literally just me ranting on - opinion for opinion's sake if you like so. But you know that feeling when you just have to get some stuff off your chest? Yeah, well that's what this blog is for, isn't it? So here we go...

In the past almost 22 years I've made a lot of bad choices, as many others probably did, too. One of the biggest ones I made since moving to the UK: I got into a relationship with a guy who couldn't be more a waste of air and space than he already is. And even though the relationship went to shit in May already, I've been sliding from one uncomfortable situation into the next ever since. Funny part: I didn't even have to do anything for it.

And it's straight-up hilarious how I'm expected to keep my mouth shut about it and be the adult person when in reality, I just feel like sharing every oh so little detail about the whole relationship and every crappy part about what followed. You can't get disappointed by a person that you don't think highly of in the first place, so the breakup was actually not the worst part of it all. The really sad part was all the lies and fakeness that followed, both from the darling ex and so-called "friends".

If I had to explain to somebody how I felt at that time, I'd probably go with desolate, disappointed and disgusted. When the roof of a house that you've been carefully building over years and years would just come crashing down on you, chances are you've probably chosen unstable and wrong building materials. Well, the same goes for your life when it falls apart after such a short period of time.

But hey, there's always a positive side to everything!

I learned to always expect the unexpected when it comes to new "friendships" because honestly, don't tell me that you really know a person after a year.

I also learned that most people could not even explain to you the concept of respect and honesty, even if their life would depend on it - and only because they talk of respect doesn't mean they can put it into practice.

Lastly, everyone always talks about how men are trash (got the reference?) - what about girls though? Only because they don't all ask for money doesn't mean they are angels.

At the end of the day, everyone makes their own choices and has to live with the consequences. I'm still paying for my mistakes but so will everyone else sooner or later. So Karma, if you see this: I'm waiting.


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